Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Bedroom Scene - A Masterpiece

The scene in the bedroom was one of the most wonderful scenes I've had the pleasure to witness. It contained such a big pile of emotion, in words, faces, tone of voice, body language, I was in love with this picture on the web today and the scene didn’t let me down. It delivered with a vengeance.

We start of course, with Clara walking into Marina’s house with in the back of her mind the fact that she slept with Cadu. Still have to dive into that scene, so for now gonna let that rest when it comes to how she felt about that. I need to get into this one first and it needs to be now. :P

Clara walks into the house with a stride. She’s about to see Marina and she’s anticipating it. When she walks into the bedroom, she bites her lip in happy anticipation, she stretches her neck to see if she can see her yet, a huge smile graces her face. As soon as she sees Marina and Vanessa curled up together, her face immediately falls about 3 feet through the floor, she stops walking instantly, starts fiddling with her fingers, nervous, doesn’t know how to act, what to do. This hits her hard. This she didn’t expect.

She slept with Cadu, for whatever reasons she had, to see if there was still something, to see if the marriage could be saved, whether she enjoyed it or not, doesn’t matter. It happened. And even though in the back of her mind there is always Marina, she’s shown over the past weeks that she’s not quite aware of the impact a ‘rival’ has on someone. She mentioned Cadu quite a few times when she didn’t really have to which wasn’t fun for Marina to hear but that didn't really register. Not really. I think she didn’t bring him up on purpose to rub it in, not at all. I think she did it as a kind of reassurance. That sounds like a contradiction, I know, let me try to explain.

She knows Marina loves her. She loves her back, I have no doubt. She feels bad for Marina that she can’t be with her. Reasons, son, husband, illness, custody, 10 year marriage, you name it, also not going into that now. Fact is, she does want to be with Marina but a lot of things are holding her back and she feels guilty. To herself, cause she wants it, but also to Marina, cause she loves Marina and she wants Marina to be happy and she knows she’d be a lot happier if they were together. She wants Marina to know the reason she can’t make her happy right now. So in some Clara-logic-way, every time she brought up Cadu, I think she meant to use it as justification. As in, I’m sorry, I can’t be with you now, I want to, but Cadu, etc. She felt like the needed to explain herself, to explain to her love why they couldn’t be together. Remind her that she wanted to, but couldn’t. So she brought him up a lot, not realizing that that’s actually rubbing some salt in it. She took the time to sort it out, because she was given the time to sort it out. Sometimes you care so much for someone you’re willing to so anything, to go through any torture, while you don’t really deserve it and the other one should get a move on. That’s what Clara should have done. She simply wasn't realizing exactly what situation Marina was in cause she wasn’t in the same situation and she couldn’t relate cause she’d never been in that situation before. She never had to look at it from Marina’s point of view. She had the right idea, but she executed it the wrong way. That’s why this jealousy thing with Vanessa is a very welcome eye opener and I am glad it’s happening. She needed this reality check and here it is.

So. Here is Marina, a woman who has always told her (and meant it) that she’s so in love with her, so dedicated, she’ll wait, she'll be there, she’ll support her, she understands, etc. There was no doubt in her mind that she was there. Marina being with someone else, it never even occurred to her. Suddenly here is that woman who she never doubted would wait for her and now she sees her in the arms of her ex. She suddenly gets hit in the face with a sign that says ‘You hadn’t thought of that yet, had you?’

The second she sees them, this sign flashes in neon at her and she’s totally unprepared. She fiddles with her fingers, her smile is instantly gone, she doesn’t know what to do. She sits down, opens her mouth to say something, closes it again. Should I, should I not? She doesn't know. This is new to her, she has no clue how to handle this. Are they together, she wonders. Am I intruding? Should I say I am here, should I wait? She’s faced with questions she never had to ask herself before. Never thought she had to.

And seeing Marina like this hurts. The idea of Marina with someone else, it hurts. It hurts cause she wants to be that person lying in her arms. She wants to be there. She doesn’t want Vanessa to be there. She’s jealous.

Yesterday she put on a good brave face and gave Vanessa a good match in the poolside showdown, but there was hidden insecurity there too. She just hid it very well, put on a good show and ‘won’ the battle. But she was jealous and Vanessa did get to her. She just didn’t want to give Vanessa any answers, Vanessa was her rival yesterday. Her rival called her out on being in love. She didn’t want to give her rival that information, information is power and she didn’t want to give it up. So she put on a face, gathered her courage and her confidence and made it look very believable. But it got to her. She was quite sure of how much Marina loves her and never questioned her being with anyone else. She never asked Marina to stay celibate, she didn’t have to. Marina said she’d wait, so Clara assumed that was what it meant, expected it. She realizes now she never perhaps had the right to expect it, even though Marina didn’t do anything and doesn’t want to. Marina saw it the same way she does, yet now she sees the difference in their situation. How different it feels, how much it hurts on this side of the story. And now this woman, who told her yesterday she loves Marina so much that she suffers, is cuddling up with the woman Clara loves. That stings, you better believe it.

She feels the sting, she felt the knife twist, she doesn’t know what’s going on. Right there, is the moment where she can finally relate. This is what Marina has been feeling all this time. Every time she brought up Cadu, every time she left Marina’s house to go back home, to Cadu. What Marina must have gone through all this time, it’s all written on that same neon sign that I mentioned before. On top of that, she just had sex with Cadu. She doesn’t even know yet if Marina and Vanessa had sex. She hopes not, but maybe. But Clara did have sex. And she realizes how careless she’s been. How subconsciously inconsiderate at times. So on top of the jealousy, the fear of them being together, the insecurity of Marina being with Vanessa and the shock of the moment, there’s guilt.

She doesn’t know what to do, what to say, she sits down, tries to speak, doesn't really know what to say exactly. Before she figures out what she’s supposed to say the girls seem to be waking up. As she looks at them, all those emotions described above are searing through her, all of them evident on her face. The only one I didn’t mention is sadness. Vanessa’s hand moves slightly, she looks at it, what’s it doing? How close are they, what can she read from this, can she get any answers right now, from just looking? She looks, it hurts, but she looks, she has to know. Are they together? She can’t look away. Marina starts to babble about not wanting to get up, they start counting to three. Clara knows that they will know she’s there and she should probably say something before they see her there.

So before they can say ‘three’, Clara does it for them. The girls look up, Marina is happy, Vanessa is not. Clara can’t even help it, even though she’s scared Marina’s with Vanessa again, she’s still anticipating those eyes so she smiles. She can’t resist. Marina is very happy to see her, gorgeous sleepy eyes greet her and a smile appears on the other girl as well. Not on Vanessa of course. She’s pissed that Clara is lurking as she wakes up and to be fair, from her point of view, I get that. As Marina sits up, Clara’s smile gets bigger. Marina is so happy to see her, that means something, even though she still doesn’t know what the deal is, Marina is happy to see her and that makes Clara’s smile come out and her eyes soften.

Marina says she likes the surprise of waking up and seeing Clara, to which Clara smiles shyly as she looks at her feet. Vanessa meanwhile is getting up on the other side of the bed and claims that it’s not a fun surprise at, not to be rude or anything but she might be drooling or whatever and it’s kind of a private matter. Forgive me, but I like that a little and I get it too. Clara has no patience for Vanessa’s rudeness anymore though and has also gained some confidence from Marina’s smile, so she calmly answers that she wasn’t looking at her, just at Marina. As she says it, she sweetly turns to Marina again and the smile is right back. Marina loves it, smacks Vanessa playfully, claiming she deserved that diss cause of being rude herself. Vanessa wants to get out of there already so she runs off to grab a shower. Clara’s face during this playful mocking is fantastic. It’s approving the mocking, there’s even a slight nod, it’s loving, it’s a lot of things and I find it cute as hell.

As soon as Vanessa is gone, Clara doesn’t waste a second, gets up, walks over to the bed, gets on her knees and grabs Marina into a tight hug which Marina is happy to receive. She releases a big sigh as she hugs her, she’s relieved she gets to hold her again. It feels safe, she needed this. What she also needs however, is answers. When they let go of each other, she eyes Vanessa to make sure she’s out of earshot and immediately asks Marina ‘Be honest with me, are you back together?’

She’s scared of the answer, she realizes she never should have expected and she simply can’t go another moment without knowing if the situation is still as she thought it was or if it changed drastically. When Vanessa was still in the room, she kept her cool. As soon as Vanessa is gone, she throws off her mask and shows herself to Marina. She knows she couldn’t hide it anyway from her, she’d see right through it, but she doesn’t want to. She doesn’t need to. With Marina, she can be herself, the new self that Marina helped her find. She leans down on the bed as she asks her, her body goes lower towards it, her eyes go slightly sad, she’s almost bracing herself, she’s very vulnerable at the moment. Marina is on the bed above her, she’s throwing herself at her mercy. Clara made the wrong assumption and she’s immediately willing to hurt for it. Marina has the power to break her heart now and she doesn’t protect herself from it. She needs to know, whether it hurts or not.

Marina is surprised at the question. It never occurred to her to do anything with anyone, not Vanessa, not anyone else. She actually is a bit dumbfounded by it and pauses for a second to let the question sink in. She then smiles, to her it’s a crazy idea. ‘Me and Vanessa?’ she asks incredulously. Clara immediately backs off again, she realizes now she never had the right to assume and thinks maybe she doesn’t have the right to ask her this either. She doesn’t know the answer yet. So she excuses herself, saying sorry and that she doesn’t want to intrude in Marina’s life.

Marina’s is all ‘Don't be ridiculous, you are my life. You could never intrude in it, you’re a part of it.’ She says this with conviction, she wants Clara to really know this, to believe it. She’s surprised it apparently wasn’t clear. Clara still takes it the wrong way and assumes since she’s in her life she’s welcome to ask, so she says Marina never mentioned anything before. She speaks rapidly, the words are out before she knows it. She wants to know this so badly, no, she needs to know this. She’s still anticipating to be hurt at this point. At least keeping the option open till she hears yes or no about it, still bracing herself. She also tilts her head down, looks at the bed, at her fingers, she’s vulnerable, afraid to know. Also looks down at the bed cause she’s a bit sad, she thought something big like this, she would have thought Marina would have mentioned to her. A bit disappointed she didn’t know about this big part of Marina’s life. When she looks up again at Marina though, her eyes are big, slight panic, there’s fear, it’s like she’s so eager to know this she’s trying to see the answer in Marina’s eyes, searching for reassurance but at the same time looks away cause she’s afraid of what she'll find. Say it now, she thinks, I’m on my knees for you and I don’t want to hear you say yes but if you are going to, please do it quick.

Marina sees the fear now clearly, she realizes Clara is very scared to hear what she is going to say. Her amused smile from before disappears, Clara needs reassurance and even though she didn’t expect this question since she thought it was a given, the urgency in Clara’s eyes are piercing through her and she has no intention of making her wait. She looks her straight in the eyes and immediately tells her there was nothing to mention, there’s nothing going on. She doesn’t want Clara to worry, she loves her so much, she needs Clara to know how solid they are. How sure she is of Clara.

So she tells her, ‘Clara, she’s my best friend. We get stressed out sometimes, yes, but we love each other. Very much.’

Clara’s body visibly softens as she speaks, the panic in her eyes slowly disappears as she calms down a bit in her head. She nods a bit even, she believes her. She’s relieved, she wanted this answer, she’s getting it and she believes it, but the shock of the moment before is still there. She’s incredibly relieved. Not just that it’s not true. Also cause she’s happy it’s not Vanessa. She can deal with them being friends, but anything more would hurt even harder than if it were anyone else.

Marina is not done yet though. She loves Vanessa, yes, but she wants to make clear to Clara it’s a very different love than she feels for her. It looks like she even grabs her hand offscreen as she says this, but it’s not clear (as pointed out by someone already) She continues, there’s love and there is friendship, but they do go together. Ideally we love our friends and be friends with those we love, she tells her. Clara has remained in the vulnerable position she was in, her eyes softened, her demeanor slightly relaxed, but the dynamic in this conversation is still the one it was. Clara needed reassurance, Marina was the one giving it. Clara took it gratefully, as Marina spoke she no longer had the need to pierce her eyes with her own, she no longer needed to find the answer there. She had it now, so she dares to look away and stare at their hands for a moment, before needing those eyes again cause they are Marina’s and there’s no place safer. When Marina is done speaking, she realizes her mistake.

She realizes Marina’s dedication again. Something she already knew, but suddenly found a reason for to doubt. She knows now her reason wasn’t valid, it didn’t exist. The fear of having misread the situation was an eye opener. She now knows again she has no reason to worry, Marina is hers. She did learn the other side of the coin. How it feels to be Marina. And that’s a reality-check she wasn’t expecting. She only had it for two minutes and she already went into a panic. Marina’s has had it for months. She feels silly for misreading this situation. She feels a lot worse for misreading the bigger picture. The moment itself is solved though and she releases that tension by shaking it off, calling herself silly. Perhaps the talk would have gone on if Flavinha hadn’t entered the room. But they are immediately distracted by her and her disturbing news about Marina’s father.

Speaking of eye openers. Marina had a huge one as well. She knew Clara cared about her. Adored her. She never heard her say she loved her though. She still didn’t, but in those eyes, right there, she saw the panic. The fear. She saw the love. She still wants to hear it, because she wants Clara to say it. She wants Clara to be ready to say it. She knows it now, Clara knows it too, but that extra step is one they haven’t taken yet, Clara hasn’t taken it yet and it’s a huge one. She can wait more, certainly now, now that she saw the vulnerable eyes, the tension in her body, heard the panic in her voice. Clara needed her reassurance, she needed Marina and she needed her with an urgency she hadn’t seen before. She just got a huge confirmation for herself and she knows it.

This scene was amazing. All actresses involved, the emotions on their faces, the eyes, the urgency. I absolutely loved it. It was perfect. Like I said before the scene even aired when we got the spoiler picture. I said I was in love with that picture, it spoke to me, I was in awe, I could write a book about it, I wanted to take it to bed and put it on my pillow. So much shown in that picture alone. The scene impressed me just as much. Performances of Tainá and Giovanna were perfect. I’m going to sleep a happy girl cause I saw an awesome scene and I got to ramble about it :P I'm sure there are things that I missed, I had some thoughts shoot through my brain but they flew out before I could catch them, so maybe when they come back I will add or post some more, or maybe not, hehe. For now, enjoy this :P



  1. I REALLY enjoyed this. I had to re-watch the scene 10 times or more to see the little details I didnt realize before! Thanks, u are doing an awesome job here.

    1. Sorry for this late reply! I just wanted to say your comment was amazing and it made me smile! Thanks :P

  2. fantastic your analysis and we hear a woman behind all this ... just so we can see over and it's beautiful

    1. So happy you loved it. I just try to read what I see and then write it down, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :) Thanks for your wonderful comment <3

  3. i love yor work thanks ....but I think is so selfish of Clara..making love with Cadu and jealous of marina...
    , I do not understand why ......... I do not know if she have the right to be with her husband and make Mariana suffering ... even Marina did not tell anything ... I did not understand ?

    1. I think she wasn't very aware of things up till that point. She was looking at it from the wrong point of view but I think ever since this episode and the one where she argued with Vanessa at the pool, she's been getting more and more clues that she's been hurting people and that now that Cadu is getting better, she needs to make up her mind. I think we're not far off :P

  4. You know these ladies better than they know themselves! :)
    Thank you for your thoughts, really enjoy your moment to moment interpretation. Dead on.

    1. Haha, I'm secretly Maneco, but don't tell anybody, it's a secret! :P

      You are very welcome, I'm very glad you enjoyed it. Thank YOU for your reply :)

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  6. wow! you are amazing! loved it

  7. I just read your text and...brilliant.. you take us to see each scene again before our eyes.. a rare talent;; besides all the emotion comes along, thanks for all emotions, you are the third person on set,lol kiss

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