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Analyzing The Almost Kiss

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First of all, I would like to mention the color of Clara’s shirt, or rather, colors. They have all the colors of the rainbow, which I find a nice touch, very subtle if intended. If not intended, then I guess it’s karma or something.

That said, my take on the whole thing. I thought it was really sweet, the whole time Clara was talking to Marina when she came into the studio again, she had the cutest smile on her face, the one someone has when they are in a new relationship and totally cute about it. She didn't even care about Vanessa's comment, all she cared about was Marina and the message she needed to tell her but everything in her body language told Marina that she wanted her, she wanted her to trust her, to trust her that she was going to choose her, but she needed to take another road for now. For her son, he's so young, he needs her and it's the one thing she can't afford to screw up. She is also comfortable enough with this situation, not to mention comfortable with herself and her own feelings, to make an insinuating comment about sleeping over and how awesome that would be, yet it is unfortunately not a luxury nor a pleasure she can allow herself to enjoy for the moment.

The way Marina plays with Clara’s hair is so adorable, I've seen that 15 times now and I still get the 'aw'-face when it happens. Clara is all too happy to let it happen, she can't get enough of the touchy feely stuff going on, she wants nothing more than to have Marina now but she knows in order be able to have her, she needs to be patient. But the willpower it takes doesn't come easy, once again all she has to do is look in Marina's eyes and she forgets everything once again.

Marina's subconscious reflex when Clara said her presence was needed at home, she was clearly disappointed. Logically Clara is not the only one ready to hop under the covers and this means Marina again has to wait. If this were any other lover, girlfriend or person, she would not be this patient. Clara is just so important to her, she knows that if she is patient, she'll get to have her, and Clara is the only person worth being that patient for.

She does however send her off with something to look forward to, and I think Clara was even inviting her to do so. She is the one who started the touchy cheek thing after the talk, inviting Marina to make her move. She took the invitation gladly but she knew enough not to give Clara too much. Too much would on the one hand make Clara want to come back before everything has been taken care of, on the other hand, a chaste kiss close to the mouth was far enough away to be able to walk away from, and intimate enough to show Clara exactly what would be waiting for her after all this was taken care of. She made sure to plant exactly enough into Clara's mind so that she'd leave the studio with the exact right amount of anticipation to know what she will be coming back to. Marina now also has the knowledge that if she goes for the kiss, Clara will not resist and wants it just as much. Clara probably didn't at all mind that Marina took charge in that kiss and was hoping for more than it turned out to be, although that tiny gesture already set her hormones on red alert.

When Marina approached, Clara did not move backwards, was totally ready to take this wherever it would lead them, simply cause every fiber of her being screamed it and needed this and she was all too willing and ready to dive headfirst (no pun intended) into bed with her love. However, it was Marina who made the call to back off this time. Rationally, Clara knows it's the right call, it's the one she made at home when she was having a normal conversation with Cadu, decided this was the way to go, but the moment she set foot in Marina's studio and looked into her eyes, the rational thought vanished and the desire took over. She needed Marina to make this decision for her because she couldn't, and Marina didn't let her down.

When Marina leaned in, Clara must have expected for her to kiss her, which is exactly what Marina wanted her to think. She wanted her to know what it felt like right before they kissed, she wanted her to feel the need to have that, to know what it was she was missing, but at the same time not know it and still desire it, so that it would be a little extra push in the right direction, meaning for Clara it would be an extra incentive to get her situation sorted out in her household. Marina also indirectly leaves the initiative to Clara, cause the actual kiss, the actual start of them, has to be initiated by Clara herself. Marina knows this and will give her nudges every now and then, but their story will only start, once Clara gives 100% green light.

When Marina changes directions towards Clara’s cheek, very close to her mouth, Clara kept her eyes fixated on Marina's lips. The moment she realized what Marina was doing, she was perhaps slightly disappointed, but immediately understood why, accepted it and loved Marina even more for the respect she displayed by making that tiny change and knowing how much Marina loves her, the restraint she displayed by showing her this level of respect. Clara closed her eyes so she could experience the moment fully and to enable herself to log that kiss into her memory so she'd have it while she was sorting out the situation with Cadu and Ivan to remind her exactly what she was doing it for.

After the kiss, Clara has the dreamiest look on her face while Marina's is playful, even a little bit naughty, as if she's trying to show Clara what she has to look forward to and how much better this will get. That is one of the important messages she definitely wanted Clara to remember, another being 'I am here, I am waiting, I'm not going anywhere and I am yours.', along with 'I respect the position that you are in, I will give you the time and space to deal with it, because you are worth waiting for.' Marina's face also clearly shows her happiness because she is finally able to express her own love and desire by kissing her girl, even though she had to hold back, a lot. The fact she had to hold back doesn't matter however, the only thing that matters was that Clara wasn't holding back, would not have held back and would still have been kissing her, releasing all the passion, lust, love and desire that both of them were forced to hold in for so very long. She knows Clara is hers, all she has to do is wait, the challenge of course lies in having to dig up the restraint and patience to do so, but they both know what they are doing it for, to finally be able to be together, emotionally, physically, sexually, whichever they desire.

To be able to share their lives from now on, no more hiding how they feel and how much it aches to try and ignore it, no more feeling like getting caught in the act when you find yourself staring at her while you sense the air is changing and feel your body react. Marina is willing to undergo all of it. She knows Clara will inevitably be burning her lips with her own soon, something she wanted her to do ever since that very first moment at her exposition mere seconds after descending the stairs, right from the moment she first laid eyes on her. This fascinating woman instantly enchanted her, mesmerized and hypnotized her and was about to change her life in ways she could have never imagined. That whole journey they both made towards this point, sometimes together, sometimes following different paths, yet all the tears, all the uncertainty, every step they took willingly and every step backwards they were forced to make, it would all be worth it. The moment they finally find themselves in each other arms, when they are able to release all the energy and desire that had been building up towards this point, when they are truly able to love each other like they were meant to, that will be the moment that matters most. Every other experience, decision or mistake that led them here no matter how hard, how heartbreaking, no matter how challenging, they will all have been worth it.

After the kiss, right after they part, they take a moment to stare their each other in the eyes, both their minds racing with many different kinds of thoughts, ranging from ‘oh my, that was awesome’, ‘finally’, ‘my tummy has never done thát before’, ‘she is so beautiful, I can’t believe my luck.’ And in Clara’s case, ‘Holy heck, I just kissed a woman! Sort of.’ And various other probably pretty strong emotions are shooting through there right alongside the other ones. Then they realize exactly what just happened, as in, it actually hits them and slight hint of shyness appears in both of them. They smile, giggle a bit, Clara looks at her feet for a short moment, Marina keeps her eyes firmly on Clara cause she wants to see her reaction. After all, Marina was the one who initiated it. She wants to know if this was ok. Immediately it becomes very clear that it certainly was, Clara is positively beaming with all the things Marina would call ‘her light’. A slight touch of nervousness hits both the girls, especially Clara, which is understandable cause this is not something she has ever done before. She giggles shyly, is absolutely far away with her head way up in some clouds somewhere and doesn't want to land anytime soon. The feelings are all slightly overwhelming, she bites her lip cause she doesn't know what else she could do, then does the only other thing that makes perfect sense, which is grab Marina in the most adorable hug the world has ever witnessed. She does this to escape the nervousness, to take a moment and let this sink in, to hide in Marina’s arms where everything feels safe, but at the same time, there is no other place she would rather be right now than in those very arms that are holding her tight, simply cause they belong to Marina, someone she’s been wanting a long time and has been loving even longer.

Even though there will be some separation cause Clara needs to deal with her family life, her husbands illness and her son in general, they both are very aware of their situation now. As far as the two of them are concerned, they are ready to go, both of them with all the passion and love they can draw from themselves and from each other, the only thing now is the uncertainty of ‘when’ exactly, but ‘if’ is no longer a question mark.

In my opinion, because Cadu threatened to file for custody over Ivan, Clara got spooked, is so afraid to lose her boy, she doesn't want to risk it. She’ll will attempt to perhaps find out if her marriage has any hope left. Marina will of course be very sad but she will also understand and try to be as supportive as possible and both women will likely go through a world of hurt. I think Cadu will realize in time that his wife is trying, but he can see she is unhappy. He knows she cares so much about her son she’ll do anything, she’s that afraid to lose him. In the end, he’ll realize him threatening her with custody was the wrong move, he’d prefer his son had a happy mom and they will work something out so Clara can happily fly into Marina’s arms and stay there. Cadu’s change of heart won’t come overnight, he’s pretty bitter of course, perhaps rightly so even. But he will see that he’s the one who’s not playing fair now (or then). And it’ll work out.

So that’s my take on things, I might be wrong, in any case I’m very tired and I could have written a pile of something smelly. I hope you enjoyed, I will sleep soon and I hope I still like what I wrote in the morning ;) Happy kisses and Easter and such. Or something. Beijos!



  1. Hi, I don't know where are u from, but i'm brazilian and i'll try to comment in english... my excuses in advance for the misspelling or bad grammar!
    I 100% agree with u... and i think its amazing how less than a minute of scene provided us with so much information and feelings!
    The actresses are great at their parts, they translate exactly what we're expecting to see and thats what makes Clarina so great!
    Im still a little bit affraid cause i know my country and i know we'll have troubled waters when it comes to the audience embracing this love story, but i definetely think the author wont abandon his original idea!
    Its a done deal.
    Lets keep suffering together, and supporting the story till the end... hopefully we'll get our reward!
    Congrats on the good work!

    1. Hey, thanks for your response :)

      I think the creators of the show are willing to take this all the way and let Clarina be the history-making taboo breaker. The dance scene might not have had a kiss, but there aren't many scenes out there that display such a level of sensual intimacy, I'd even call it erotic.

      I feel they were sort of testing the waters, but I think the creators are fighting really hard to get this show on the Clarina-road, I think they will succeed. I actually wrote about that a while ago, it explains in a bit more detail my thoughts on it. It's one of the first articles posted, 'Brazil and homosexuality on television' . Check it out if you feel like it.

      Also, There is nothing wrong with your english :)

  2. Oh my goddess, you were able to describe everything I felt while watchinng the scene!! I'm getting so sad about the next scenes, Claras atempts to get back together with Cadu and the sadness we will definetely see in Marina's eyes, but your text made me feel hopefull. Right now, for me, it doesn't really matter the future, the time we will have to wait to witness their love. It's enough to remember all the road, everything they've been through to build this strong feeling, this confidence. I remember the scene where they were coming back from Angra, into the plane, one avoiding the look of the other, that was such a sad scene, I felt so insecure. But now it's different, now we've been watching so many demonstrations of love, careness and respect between them, it couldn't be better. Thank you so much for this beautiful text

    1. Thanks for your input and kind words :) I believe in these two. I have seen many stories of love on tv throughout the years and not many of them portray love and desire in such a true and passionate way as these two do. If there's any lesbian couple on television can persuade people that this is not a bad thing but a beautiful thing, it's Gio and Tainá.

      There will always be haters, but there will also be people that are able to change their views. Those are the people this story is perfect for,.

  3. wow that good Analysis .. I think you are right in everything you said ...... but I think we need to see jealousy scenes from clara .. at that moment she will realize It could lose Marina .Then we will see the kiss & i think clara will kiss marina ;)

    1. Yes, if Clara tries to make it work with her husband, I heard about Marina's ex-girlfriend coming to town or something. That could trigger some eye-openers. Hopefully ;)

  4. Hi, Colette. I have just seen the amazing job you have done here so far. Congratulations!!!

    Can you help us to promote this world campaign in the forums you participate in?

    Its like: #ClarinaAmorSemCensura = #ClarinaLoveWithoutPrejudice (Censorship)

    Rede Globo (the brazilian TV channel) decided to give up on the relationship between Clara e Marina.

    In advance... thanks a lot for your support.

    1. I will certainly help you promote this, I was organizing my twitter and tumblr and blogspot pages for it as we speak :P my own contribution is also included in the video, so I am definitely 100% behind this.

  5. Lets support this amazing campaign, in Latinoamerica we still have prejudices around the homosexuality. With a happy ending for Clarina, this novela would help to change minds in our societies....

  6. Hi, Colette, someone posted this link in Twitter and Im glad to read your wonderful analysis. I encourage u to keep writing about this novela, thanks!

    1. Thank you very much, I will do my best :)

  7. in this moment the story has problem in brasil

    1. I think we're good. I think they are building up towards endgame Clarina and everything they do, whether it seems good or bad, will be to prepare the audience and make them accept and understand.
      I wrote in detail about that very thing here:
      Keep believing! :P I have no doubt myself.


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