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Clarina Recap 1, Em Família 12 &13 feb

We open in a glamorous setting. As appropriate swoon-worthy music graces our ears we see a large room and many huge photographs on display, a stairwell in the middle leading up to yet more glamour in purple. We are at an exposition. I’m already loving the purple-blue glow this whole thing is shining at me, but as people start to applaud at something yet to be revealed to us, I know it’s about to get even better.

We see a woman at the top of the stairs. Dressed in white and silver, the glitters on her gown shine bright in the spotlight, yet seem to disappear in the shadows compared to the sensual beauty that radiates from the marvelous creature they surround. She descends the stairs slowly, people applaud even louder, she smiles and takes it all in as she reaches the bottom of the stairs and allows everybody to wonder where this woman has been all their life. Or maybe it’s just me wondering if I’m not actually dreaming, since I find it impossible for anyone to look this gorgeous and wonderful and have this sensuality and grace without trying. Nobody like this exists, so I must be dreaming. But I am not dreaming, I just met Marina.

She lingers at the bottom of the stairs and poses for pictures for a few moments, allowing everyone to admire her while they instantly fall in love with her. Then it seems fate intends to give her a nudge, reaches out an invisible finger and taps her on the other shoulder, telling her to turn around. No one can resist fate of course, so she does and immediately finds out why. Her gaze lands on a woman, entering the room and she knows her gaze will never look anywhere else again. This time it’s Marina who can’t believe she is awake, Marina who wonders if this is possibly a dream, for this woman she is looking at can’t be real, right? She is real however, she is right there. Marina can’t look away.

Clara strolls in, no idea what is about to hit her as she holds a hand that belongs to her husband Cadu. Cadu, a chef without a job, Clara belongs to him for now, but in a few seconds that is all about to change, she just doesn’t know it yet. She looks around, amazed at the beauty of the scene, the room, admires the artwork, the photographs. She’s already an admirer of the artist Marina, she’s about to fall in love with the woman as well.

Marina makes a few more futile attempts to pose for the photographers, but she simply can’t stop looking at this woman, this woman that seems so normal to others, but immediately Marina sees through all the layers, sees through the normal, Marina sees her light. A light that shines so brightly at her that no matter how hard she tries, everything else goes dark. She’s drawn to her, she’s illuminated, hypnotized. She can’t resist her, she doesn’t even want to try, already knows it’s pointless. As Clara spins around, looks up at all the photographs and marvels at the beauty of it all, Marina’s breathing increases, her heart rate goes up, her mouth falls open, she can’t grasp the fact that this moment is real. This woman can’t be real. But she is and she is right here. Marina now turns her whole body towards her, photographers forgotten, all she wants now is to know this woman, to catch her eyes, to talk to her, to hear her voice, to know her name, to be her fate.

She calls her assistant Vanessa over to ask her who they are.  While she talks to her assistant, her eyes never leave Clara, she is intoxicated. Clara is still unaware, but as she looks up at a display on the floor above her, fate seems to tap her on the shoulder as well. Clara can feel it, she knows someone is looking at her, she feels Marina’s eyes piercing through her very soul. Their eyes meet, they smile. It’s beautiful.

Neither woman can look away anymore. One look was all it took, the magnetic pull is simply too great. They smile at each other and there is no way back. Only forward. ‘Walk me there.’ Marina tells Vanessa, ‘I must know.’ As they approach them, Cadu is fumbling with his phone, has no idea he has basically already lost his wife. Clara doesn’t know it either. All she knows is she can’t look away. When Marina finally reaches her, she breathes in heavily, can’t quite figure out why she’s so mesmerized by this woman, why she can’t look away, why she doesn’t even want to look away. They smile at each other. There is nobody else there, just the music during Marina’s approach, asking in sensual tones ‘Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?’, as they stare into each other’s eyes and fate pats itself on the back for a job well done.

Marina finally speaks, asks Clara her name, if she’s seen her in a magazine somewhere. She can’t imagine nobody else saw the light illuminating from Clara before, surely someone sees how special she is. But no, she’s never been photographed, Clara says. She babbles about family pictures, then realizes she is babbling like a schoolgirl and giggles as she shakes her head and says no. They both giggle now. Clara is biting her lip, she’s slightly embarrassed by her own silliness but Marina loves it, wants to know her name, where she got all this beauty from. Clara gets herself slightly together and jokes that she wasn’t expecting this interview, then extends her hand and tells Marina her name for a proper introduction. Marina says her name, Clara nods knowingly, slightly intimidated, but not so much cause she is talking to Marina the photographer, but more by Marina’s beauty, her charm and the effect she has on her.

Clara then tells her she’s just a regular housewife, no one special, but also a huge admirer of Marina’s work. Marina’s smile can’t get any bigger at this point and tells her thanks. She can’t resist though, she must make this woman feel special, beautiful, so she asks her again where she found all this beauty. Clara doesn’t quite know how this woman that radiates beauty like she does, can think Clara is beautiful, she says she doesn’t even think she’s that pretty. As Marina makes a face showing she finds that somewhat of a crime, she does certainly find Marina beautiful though and she tries to tell her that it in such a way that Marina knows her compliment is sincere. It matters to her that Marina doesn’t think she’s just trying to make a compliment back and succeeds in doing so in the cutest way possible. Marina also thinks it’s very cute, cause she giggles at Clara’s comment, then leans in a bit as she tells Clara ‘Let’s just say we are both beautiful and take our beauty for a walk.’ as if it’s a little secret between the two of them. She sweeps Clara away as she tells her she’s going to introduce her to all her friends, while Clara remembers for the first time since she saw those eyes that she actually has a husband and that he’s supposed to be here somewhere.

The girls are interrupted by a fan who’d like Marina to sign their catalog. Clara takes this moment to be totally embarrassed by Cadu who is still on the phone and she feels like an idiot because of it. She bitches at him for a moment while he is talking about Risotto on the phone until he finally hangs up. When he sees Marina and asks who the babe is, Clara is already personally insulted he’s objectifying this marvelous woman because she’s so much more than that and scolds him for it. Marina is back in a flash and Clara introduces him to her. Just as the three of them are about to go on a tour, his phone rings again. He apparently has to go and Clara can’t figure out what on earth anyone would rather be doing whatever else than spend this time with Marina now. She makes an excuse to Marina, as Marina gladly takes her along for the tour, without Cadu.

During the tour Marina tells her about the photos, stories behind them, Clara again tells Marina what a huge fan she is of her work. The two are off to a great evening, they walk around all the floors, look at all the pictures, sometimes take a short break for Marina to talk to some admirers here or have some wonderful photographs taken there, but Clara is never far away. They end up on one of the balconies talking to some of Marina’s friends. Clara talks about how she admires how you can see the model’s skin on the photo’s, how real it looks, how you can almost touch it, then midsentence gets totally embarrassed again cause she thinks once again she is babbling. Marina doesn’t mind at all and wants her to keep doing it forever, then tells Clara she’s expressing herself perfectly. Clara wonders how Marina can get these results with only a camera, and one of the nameless friends says it’s one of Marina’s mysteries. Marina makes a face that says she’d love Clara to discover all her mysteries, before she says it’s all about light. She immediately takes the opportunity to touch Clara’s face as she turns her head slightly to explain what light does to things and certain angles and such. It was really just a good excuse to touch Clara, while she looks at her and tries not to swoon too much in front of her friends. The girls giggle as Clara claims she thinks she understands. Then Marina turns up the charm and says light means a lot, but a person needs to have their own glow, their own light from inside. If someone doesn’t have that, it doesn’t work. She then makes sure to let Clara know she thinks she definitely has that light and it just has to be captured on a camera. Clara literally swoons at this right back, as she gasps for air and whispers what class Marina has. The poor girl doesn’t realize yet that it’s not Marina’s class in photography she’s so mesmerized by, but something else entirely.

Marina then tells her friends to continue the party at her place and when she asks them ‘You know where I live, right?’ Clara hilariously blurts out ‘I don’t.’ She then tries to bite her own tongue cause she wanted so desperately to go to this party she feels like she rudely invited herself. Marina simply says ‘You’re riding with me.’ She was already assuming, no, expecting, that Clara was coming too. She wouldn’t have it any other way. On top of that she wants Clara to ride in her car cause she won’t spend another moment without her from now on. While Clara lists nervously who’s she’s here with, listing her mom and her husband twice, she’s not even aware why she’s babbling and why she’s this nervous. She just knows she wants to go to this party, she doesn’t want this evening to stop yet, cause that would mean not being around Marina anymore.

We cut to Marina’s house, where she once again makes a very dramatic entrance from atop the balcony, while everyone else awaits her arrival downstairs. Clara was talking to her mother as Marina appeared and immediately stops talking and breathes ‘There she is.’ She once again can’t keep her eyes off of her and smiles the most wonderful smile at the woman above her. When Marina looks down at everyone else, all she sees is Clara and she flashes a smile right back that’s only meant for her. Clara somehow knows it’s for her and shyly waves at her, knowing that for some reason this woman see her as something special and she loves it. She doesn’t really understand why she loves it, but she loves it all the same.

Marina descends down the stairs slowly, but after only a few steps has to take a short break, her head seems to spin a little and she needs a few moments to get steady again. It takes only a few more steps before she nearly misses one, next to her Vanessa looks worried. Everybody else notices something’s up as well and Marina utters an apology to people, ‘Guys, sorry, I’m not feeling well.’ Vanessa calls Ricardo over and he arrives just in time to catch Marina as she faints and carries her upstairs. Clara shares worried looks with people downstairs. This was certainly not what she was expecting. She’s worried sick. Marina is carried to her bed as Vanessa, Giselle, Ricardo and Branca tell her eating is usually a thing one must not skip. Even in her half dizzy half asleep state Marina manages to mumble that it’s cause of the emotions of a happy night. We all know what brought those happy thoughts, don’t we.

As Marina’s family tells her they will apologize to the guests for her, we cut to the kitchen where Cadu is trying to tell the cook how to do his job. Clara runs in, not surprised he’s drawn to the food like a kitten to a laser light, then tells him they have to go, everybody else is leaving. All he can think about is how he hasn’t eaten yet and even after Clara tells him the hostess nearly fell to her doom as she fainted on the stairs, he’s still being a clueless buffoon as he whines on that he’s so hungry. She is once again totally annoyed with him, it's like after meeting the perfection that is Marina, every little thing her husband does that normally didn't bother her so much, now annoys her to no end.

Back in the bedroom of endless wonders, Giselle is giving Marina’s fingers a massage while Vanessa brings in some food. Although Marina is grateful for their care, she’s not happy that everyone was asked to leave. Vanessa says everybody understood, but all Marina wants to know is if Clara has also left. Vanessa and Giselle share a look while Vanessa plays dumb and asks who Clara is. She then gets a proper scolding about how to be a perfect assistant, she should clearly know better than to send the woman she has just fallen madly in love with away without finding out her phone number. She orders Vanessa to figure out her number so she can call her. Vanessa relents, says she will do it tomorrow, as long as Marina will please now get some food into her body before she passes out some more.

And this concludes the first meeting of our leading ladies. The attraction is clear, the admiration is present, we have ourselves a wonderful story ahead of us and I hope you will come along for the ride.


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