Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My favorite scene

A member asked others what their favorite scene was, here.

My favorite scene by far, was the moment after the shoot, the dancing around the bedrooms. That scene was one of the most wonderful scenes I have witnessed ever.

They both went to their own bedroom, danced around, so incredibly happy, both even laughing out loud as they let themselves fall on their beds. So overwhelmed, so exhilarated, so incredibly happy, I'd even go as far as calling it orgasmic. They can't even deal with all the ridiculously strong emotions shooting through their bodies, both experiencing and riding it without knowing the other is doing the exact same thing.

The flashbacks throughout that sequence as well, their smiles don't ever fade, they have this instant natural touchy feely bond. When Clara tucks a strand of hair behind Marina's ear so she can hang onto her shoulder to see the photos on the camera, it's already the most natural thing in the world to her and Marina's reaction to it is so very beautiful, a huge sigh and smile, as if she's saying to herself: 'I can't believe how quickly I have fallen for you and how deeply in love with you I already am and how I didn't stand a chance'. She knows she's totally in love and there is no way back.

Clara doesn't know she is in love yet, but she is. For her there is no way back either. She experiences the same overwhelming feelings, yet for now she explains them differently. All she knows is this amazing, fantastic, orgasmic rush of emotions feels wonderful and she doesn't ever want to stop feeling like this. She's happier than she's ever been, she feels like the most beautiful woman in the world because Marina made her feel that way and she loves that Marina made her feel that way. Her body never felt on fire like this and she's taking it all in and riding it for as long as she can. She loves it and she loves being with Marina, even though she doesn't realize yet that she is actually madly in love with her.

They both came to the very same conclusion: 'This woman makes me so incredibly happy, I must scream and dance and laugh cause I simply don't know what to do with myself.'

That scene gave me the same fantastic feeling just by watching it, I smiled and I had goosebumps and butterflies and I felt as happy as they were, like this moment was happening to me. I must have replayed it one million times. My body instantly remembered what it felt like to experience that moment, that incredible moment where nothing else matters while you're so happy you feel like you'll explode. As I watched it, I was so happy to see them that happy, I was feeling it with them right there. I felt like dancing and laughing and smiling.


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