Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The dance scene: Clara's growth

I had been away for a couple of hours and caught up on the pages. The scene with the flashback and the dance had just aired the previous night and people had been discussing it. I had seen a detail and wanted to mention it. Original post here.

Ok, after finally having caught up on all the pages, I just simply must comment about the boob-ambush. I am surprised I didn't hear anybody mention this before, but in my opinion it's a very subtle but very significant detail.

Marina doesn't throw herself at Clara with her boobs. Check out Clara's eyes, they are playful, her smile becomes a tiny playful grin. It's Clara who is pulling Marina in, not the other way around.

During the dance, she let's herself be loved by Marina and her touches, Marina feels exactly how far she can go, a little bit further as the dance progresses. She instinctively feels what Clara is comfortable with at first and as it goes on. Clara wants, needs and allows it to become more and more intimate and sexual. Hands on her back, kiss in her neck, nuzzle and kiss on the cheek and Clara turning not just her whole head towards that kiss but her whole body responds and basically moves into it, she just can't help it.

Throughout the entire dance, Clara is coming to terms with this kind of physical and very intimate contact, she wants it and allows herself enjoy it. Marina is taking the lead with the intimate contact and as the scene progresses and Clara's comfort increases, she wants more and dares more. She decides to take the initiative here and pulls Marina in, allowing their bodies to collide. Marina loves it, but she was not actually expecting it.

I see that whole scene as them making love, like someone else already said too. Like making love, this was also coming to terms with how far you dare to go. A first time is always scary, usually the more experienced one takes the lead. As you get more and more comfortable, you dare to make tiny moves yourself. This very moment represents the growth in her confidence, her acceptance of wanting this to happen. She wants this with Marina and she is confident enough to get playful and take initiative.

Her eyes, her grin. Wonderful.
So she pulls her in, allowing intimate body contact. Marina is very pleasantly surprised, she didn't see it coming and is giggling like a schoolgirl. Clara is still facing Marina, confident, proud, happy she took charge this time. It's now Clara nuzzling Marina's face. Marina loves it, she smiles the biggest smile since smiles were invented, not only cause of the sensual gesture and the intimate contact, but also because it was Clara who did this, not her. The balance is shifting, they are coming together and they are both loving how good that feels, how natural.

Before this it was mostly Marina taking the lead, making the declarations of love, taking the initiative, doing the pursuing. Clara was still holding back when it comes to what she's willing to let herself feel, still trying to keep a certain distance in her own head. By now she has realized there is no point in fighting how she feels, she wants this, she accepted it and is allowing herself to feel it. She's letting go, she doesn't want to hold back anymore. I think it's a huge step in their relationship. Not just the sensuality of the scene and the intimacy of the touches, but the acceptance of desires and growth of her confidence.
They are balancing out and it's wonderful.


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