Monday, April 21, 2014

Clara/Marina/Vanessa, let's take a closer look.

So there was some talk about a possible spoiler of Vanessa and Marina waking up intimately one morning, possibly implying sex. Here's my thoughts on that:

First of all, I’d like to say that I don’t mind at all if Clara gets a little reason to be jealous. Up till now Marina has been very clear that Clara is all she thinks about. I’m here, I’m waiting, don’t forget me, etc. Everything she told Clara has been nothing but ‘You’re all I think about, there is no one else.’ I believe this to be very true, I also think Clara believes this to be very true.

Even though Clara wants to be with Marina, I think this may have given her a bit of ‘extra’ time in her head, regarding the situation at home, with Cadu. She doesn't want people to get hurt, she cares about Cadu, wants her son to not get in the middle, doesn't want to lose custody, Marina has told her nothing but ‘take your time, I’ll be waiting’, Clara at this point has no urgency to solve it, other than her own desires. However, her own desires are the reason they are in this mess, so she feels that at this moment those own desires aren’t #1 priority. Her family comes first and what she wants has to be put on the backburner. Marina will be there.

What I mean is, she doesn't have that much incentive to see things too clearly, she has way too much time to consider and reconsider all the options. Sometimes we need a little ‘push’ which will suddenly open our eyes. Her eyes are only half open now, she knows what she wants, but she’s been given such a big window to figure it all out, she’s taking all the time she was given.

So then this ring thing happens. Let me be clear here. They share a night together, Cadu and Clara, he gives her the ring, plans to renew their vows… As far as I know, it’s not written *anywhere* they actually get to go through with it. I think it’ll blow up before that happens. I don’t think Clara wants to do this at all. Cadu rubs it in Marina’s face, though. I think it’ll be absolutely clear to Clara that Marina’s gut just got twisted by a knife that Clara herself allowed to be plunged in there. I think that’s one of the things that will tip her own decision-scale.

Marina will be gutted, Vanessa might comfort her again, I can see them waking up in an intimate position together, but that doesn’t mean they had sex. Marina will be so devastated, she will welcome Vanessa to be there, as a friend. She will hug her closely, she’ll need her friend to be there. I can see them waking up in an intimate position the morning after. To me intimate positions don’t indicate sex. They indicate intimacy, closeness. This is just as likely to happen when a friend consoles a friend. There’s no indication that that implies sex.

After they wake up, Vanessa might be all, yeh, look how close we were, I’m the one who’s always there, Marina will see this soon enough. And that will spark Clara’s jealousy.

But if there is one thing I do not see Marina doing, it’s hop in the sack with Vanessa. For more than one reason. First of all, all she wants is Clara. Speaking for myself, if I am loving someone like Marina loves Clara, I don’t *want* to be in bed with someone else. I sure as hell don’t want to have sex with someone of who I *know* is in love with me, I have a romantic history with, who I care about as a friend and who I don’t want to lead on.

Even though Marina might see that ring and be very hurt about it, 5 minutes prior to that, all she knew is Clara is all hers, she just needs to wait it out. She wasn't given 2 weeks to think about it, she just had ONE painful setback. That can’t be enough to hop into bed with Vanessa, she doesn't see Vanessa that way and no matter how heartbroken she is, having sex with Vanessa is sure to break Vanessa’s heart cause Marina KNOWS that she is not over Clara. Who does that to their best friend? Not Marina, I’m sure of it.

She will also not be very happy with Vanessa if Vanessa pushed for it to happen. It would be taking advantage of someone, Vanessa is smart enough not to do this cause she knows Marina would be more than pissed about it. I don’t see this happening, I just don’t. What I can see is Vanessa being there for Marina, them cuddling up as they fall asleep, Vanessa seeing this as the two of them getting closer, which is what she will rub into Clara’s face.

Furthermore, for Clara to get a jealousy reality-check, there’s no need for Vanessa and Marina to have sex, but the mere thought of it will be enough to get her jealousy alarms to go off. The raw hurt she can see she’s putting Marina through with the Cadu showing her the ring thing, is indicator number one which will open her eyes. Vanessa and Marina sex or whatever, is indicator number two. It’ll make her realize what she’s playing with, it’ll make her ‘all the time in the world to decide’ decision-window a whole lot smaller.

Then when Cadu makes whatever ass move he makes over the restaurant will be the thing that finally gets her over the edge, she will see that she’s known the answer to her problem all along and that she’s been putting off something that she already knew. It’ll make the decision very clear and she’ll know exactly where she is supposed to be. She’ll run to Marina, Marina will be hurt, some kind of emotional confrontation is going to take place, Clara knows that telling her she wants to be with her isn’t enough anymore, she needs to show her, which is exactly when Clara will finally kiss Marina and she'll wonder why it took her so long to see it.

I think something like this is going to happen. Of course, haven’t seen it, have only read spoilers, but I do not see Marina hopping in bed with Vanessa. Her head’s not in it, she knows Vanessa is in love with her and it would send the wrong message to her friend and she doesn’t want to hurt her friend. It would be a mean move. Marina isn’t that mean.

Also, let’s look at the Marina/Vanessa dynamic again. The way Marina sees Clara and Vanessa is so different. She puts Clara on a pedestal, Clara is everything, Marina hangs on her every word. But Vanessa, when Marina’s phone rings, Vanessa is kindly told to bring her phone over, with a fingersnap. A fingersnap! Seriously. Do you do that to someone you’re even remotely attracted to? No. Marina and Vanessa are in the past. Marina has seen true love and being with Vanessa is not something she could go back to ever. Giving Vanessa any indication that they could would be a lie, Marina knows that and she cares about Vanessa enough as a friend to not do that to her.

If this show does decide to have Marina and Vanessa sleep together it would be the most out of character thing ever, I truly hope they don’t go that way.



  1. Wonderful thanks ... It is important that we are going to see clara jealousy .... We all wait like Marina... We all are waiting for something wonderful to happen .

    1. It will! I believe in these two so much :D

  2. I can totally see Marina out of despair falling into Vanessa's loving arms. The things we humans do sometimes when we feel insecure or to relieve our pains! And if this can ignite Clara's jealousy enough to make her realize that she needs to make up her mind about being with Marina, then great!

    1. I could see it happen maybe if Clara and Marina actually cut contact for a few months, really. Marina is way too dedicated. And Clara's jealousy is already going places, which is fun :P
      In my opinion, if Marina falls into Vanessa's arms, it'll only be if she was 100% sure she lost Clara forever and even then all she would do is cry for weeks.


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