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Follow up on the dance scene regarding the balance in their relationship

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This. I've had had that exact same thought. For me, the first moment that Clara takes control is after Marina tells her she's going to ban her from her heart. That scene starts with Clara apologizing and being sorry for being late etc etc. It ends with her walking out. She goes home to think about things, then goes back to Marina's place and the first thing she says is:

'I've been thinking about what you said, and now you're the one who's going to listen.'

When Marina says it's about love, that's the first time a role reversal starts taking place. Their chemistry, their balance, it shifted from there. Before this, Clara was slightly starstruck, infatuated, mesmerized. That's the moment she decides she has a say in this, she realizes the stakes now, that something else is going on, they need to be equals. That's for me the moment where the roles start to equalize emotionally. It continues to shift towards a balance around the moment in Clara's room, when Marina tells her she loves her. At the lunch thing after the first visit to the art thing of Helena's husband, she admits to Marina that Vanessa has reason to be jealous, tells Marina she is lovely. She's accepting her feelings and gaining confidence cause of it. When they go to that art studio again to take the photo's, they are acting like two teenagers in love. Clara isn't scared anymore of these feelings, she's cherishing them. The starstruck, the confusion, it passed. She's acknowledging to herself that this feels wonderful and that this is something deeper, not something to be scared of or to be confused about. Emotionally they are equals now.

The first time for me when it happens on a sexual level, is during the dance.

They're emotionally balanced at this point, they both know what they want, Marina isn't ordering her around anymore 'you're having dinner with me tonight.' and stuff like that, they are equals. But not sexually. On a sexual level Marina is still the more experienced one, the one who knows exactly what she wants. To Clara, this is all still new. She knows she wants Marina, she just is still not at the level of confidence that Marina is. During the dance she lets Marina take the lead, lets her make the moves. Cause it's all so soft and sweet and comfortable, Clara eases into it, gets used to it, gets confidence. So she initiates the boob-ambush.

Right there.

You can see Clara's eyes, her smile, they become playful, and she pulls Marina towards her. This is Clara initiating a sensual move for basically the first time, not Marina. Marina is giggling like a schoolgirl cause she didn't see it coming like this and cause this new Clara being confident about initiating intimate contact is a side of Clara that she adores.

Emotionally they balanced out first, sexually it took a bit longer for Clara, which makes perfect sense. Not only is being with a woman a new thing for her, she's also dealing with this new thing she really wants but can't have unless she gives up her husband for it. She's figuring out if that is worth it. That moment in that dance to me represents the moment she decides that it is, or at least the moment she decides to show Marina that she thinks it is.

Now that they both know the situation, how they feel and that they want it, all they have to do is deal with Clara's situation at home because her son is so important to her, it's very delicate, Marina knows this. She won't push it cause it needs to be handled perfectly. She's willing to wait for Clara, she's willing to go through the pain of waiting, not knowing when or what will happen, it's all up to Clara. It makes her vulnerable, which is not a position Marina has probably been in a lot. She is willing to undergo it all, Clara is that important to her.

The role reversal is beautiful. Once they get together, they will equalize again. When Clara has to deal with the reactions around her, Marina will be the stable factor. Clara will have struggles with it, there's even been a spoiler about it I think. Marina will stand by Clara's side as they face it together. The balance shift was wonderful to witness.


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