Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Marina and Vanessa dynamic

After Vanessa's declaration to Marina that their love is eternal, someone said this:

sorry but I have to say this, Marina's behavior with Vanessa makes my blood boil more than ever, when she is with Clara she's pretend that there is nothing between them as only friendship but when Clara disappears for some time, Marina welcome Vanessa with open arms and that's why I can't blame Vanessa for her behavior with Clara if there's someone to blame it's only Marina, she should decisively tell Vanessa that they will never get back together and they don't have common future but what Marina doing? when Vanessa talk about them she only smiles and feeds Vanessa's hopes.

Another person replied with the following:

I don't think Marina feeds it. She doesn't need to say it every time she doesn't want Vanessa. If she wanted, she'd be with her, she's no6 feeding it. The way I see it, she doesn't want to hurt Vanessa's feelings, but they both know Marina doesn't feel that way about her. Vanessa hopes she will again though. And right now, Marina hopes that maybe she can get over Clara, because it's getting painful for her.

My reply:

I agree. If someone loves you and you don't feel the same way back (anymore), when your heart completely and totally belongs to someone else, you don't have to remind them every day that it's not going to happen. It hurts them and you don't want to hurt them all the time. Marina has made very clear to Vanessa that she is totally in love with Clara and that Clara is the one for her, that she's never been in love like this. Vanessa is understandably hurt by this but it's just the way things go sometimes. Vanessa has not made a whole lot of moves towards Marina, she's actually been a really good friend.

She's still a woman in love, this is a desperate attempt to see if there is anything left for her to cling to, if she and Marina are ever going to be lovers again. I can't really blame her for being in love and fighting for her love. She will eventually have to back off and she will. It'll hurt her, but she will. Marina's response was empty, when Vanessa caressed her chin, Marina even looked uncomfortable. She hasn't given Vanessa any indication that they are going to be back to what they were, Marina was just very hurt to not be able to see Clara for a bit, doesn't mean she's open to being with Vanessa now. Her heart still belongs to Clara and she's not even entertaining the idea at this point of anything else with Vanessa. Vanessa just had to give it one more try, something she hasn't done openly in a long time.

In my opinion, Marina's not hoping she can get over Clara. She's hoping she'll see her again soon cause waiting hurts.


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