Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Bedroom Scene - A Masterpiece

The scene in the bedroom was one of the most wonderful scenes I've had the pleasure to witness. It contained such a big pile of emotion, in words, faces, tone of voice, body language, I was in love with this picture on the web today and the scene didn’t let me down. It delivered with a vengeance.

We start of course, with Clara walking into Marina’s house with in the back of her mind the fact that she slept with Cadu. Still have to dive into that scene, so for now gonna let that rest when it comes to how she felt about that. I need to get into this one first and it needs to be now. :P

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Clarina Recap 2, Em Familia, 14 feb

We start our episode at Marina's large house overseeing a pool. This is a lady whose family has a lot of money, I'd say she’s not doing so bad for herself. We see her in bed flanked by Vanessa on one side and a doctor on the other. I think I just realized why people become doctors if this is the kind of house call you get to make.

It's the morning after Marina fainted at her party, the doctor tells the ladies that it’s all about stress and how many people suffer from it these days. I think it’s a rather accurate diagnosis. I think meeting the love of your life and falling head over heels in love with her and then finding out she’s married can indeed cause a lot of stress. Good doctor, this one. Vanessa also has an opinion and asks with a look that says she already knows the answer if this could possibly be related to not eating much and too much alcohol. Yeah, that could also be it. Perceptive doctor and perceptive friend. Seems Marina is in good hands.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Clarina is teaching Brazil to accept gay story lines in the best subtle way possible

We had a discussion on the forum regarding the show and how the conversations in it are actually cleverly hidden attempts to educate the people watching. To show the ones who are 'against' homosexuality that it's not a bad evil thing at all. Original post here. The following below is my reply to another member.

I think that is exactly it. You can almost compare all this to Sesame Street for grownups, as in, they teach kids about right and wrong, basic things in life.

The audience here already has a fixed idea on what right and wrong is, the difference is, that idea is based on previous times. Times have changed though, and right and wrong has changed. 200 years ago the idea of women voting and having any say in things was outrageous. It took a long hard battle to change that around, but over time, people changed their views and the younger generations grew up believing in the 'new and improved' version.

That's what's happening here too. The younger generation and the open minded people in the older generations now banded together to get this new idea in people's minds that homosexuality isn't evil. In fact it's been around for a very long time and it's very normal at that. Not only are they giving hints like this in the story itself, but also the actors, even the ones not directly involved in the story line, are giving their support outside of the soap. Not the characters giving support, but the actors, the ones with a voice cause people look up to them. For example the actress that plays Sylvia, she gave her support on Twitter. Even Reynaldo, the guy who's losing his wife in the show, he publicly supported the story line. That kind of stuff matters.

When it comes to hints in the show, Clara is scared she'll lose her son's custody cause Cadu threatened he'd fight for it. Even though by law that may or may not be possible, she doesn't know that and the thought alone naturally scares her. Even though Cadu and Clara are on sort of friendly terms at the moment, he's still knows that his wife is still very much in love with Marina and the problem itself isn't going anywhere. They want the audience to realize this so the nay-sayers see a Clarina reunion coming, instead of thinking 'but they were getting along!'

So he asks Nando about it. He can see the divorce coming, maybe it will, maybe it won't, but he can sense the problem still exists and he wants to cover his angles. It's an understandable thing to do in Cadu's case. he wants to know his options, I don't really blame him when you look at it from his perspective. In his view two women can't really be in love, but Nando is the Sesame Street wise man who tells him: 'It is possible, they can fall in love, this won't hurt the child, this is not a reason to take custody from a mother.' He just says it in different words. He's not just telling Cadu, he's telling everyone watching that this is not a horrible thing and it certainly isn't a reason to separate mother and son.

Same with the Giselle/Branca scene. Giselle makes sure to point out Marina is not a hunter, she's in love. And probably so is Clara. She also makes sure her mother knows that in her opinion this cannot be used as a weapon against Chica. It's wrong. Love can't be used as a weapon, it should never be used as a weapon, cause love isn't something you choose. it's something that happens to you.

Marina may have been portrayed as somewhat of a predator in the beginning, going all in, trying to get Clara. When they went to Angra she told Vanessa she was hoping for more to happen. More being sex. As the story progressed and Marina realized she wasn't just in love and Clara was the one, it stopped being about sex, it started being about wanting to be together. Her whole demeanor changed, she stopped ordering Clara around like 'you're coming for dinner' etc, instead of wanting Clara to spend time with her because Marina wanted it, she wanted Clara to spend time with her because Clara wanted it. She wasn't a conquest, she was an equal, someone she highly respected and genuinely wanted her to respect her back. So her whole attitude changed.

Scene at the beach with Helena, Helena asks how she and Cadu are doing. She says they are doing better. No funky grin, nothing. Just a slight smile. They were fighting before. They aren't fighting all the time now. They're doing better and she is happy about it. When Helena asks about Marina, they are doing better too, and a huge naughty smile appears. They were already doing good, there was no fighting. The better refers to the romantic aspect, that's doing better. They just shared a huge romantic and intimate kiss that got Clara's hormones to fire up.

Even though the conversation between them was about Cadu and Marina both, when Helena goes to get a drink, it's Marina that Clara is thinking about. It her she sends a wonderful loving text, has the cutest phone conversation with. At the same time they show Marina at home, waiting patiently for news, being totally ecstatic when she receives it, bouncing up and down in her bed when she sees it's a message from Clara. Every housewife remembers what it was like to be in love as a teenager, how they bounced up and down when their crush acknowledged them. They can see that Marina is totally in love, they can see Clara is totally in love too.

It's exactly like a lot of you have already said here, it's educating. Love between women is possible, it's happening. It's not an evil thing. It's not anything that can decide custody over a child, Cadu is being educated along with the audience. I suspect he will come to terms with this at one point. Will be a while, sure, but he will see it. He will see it's just the way it is and that he didn't lose his wife specifically to another woman, he will see he lost his wife cause she loved someone else more than him. The fact that it's a woman, doesn't matter. Him accepting this will be crucial. If Cadu can accept it, so should the audience.

Nando's conversation with him was crucial. Giselle's conversation the same. Branca represents the housewife, the one who still thinks this is a scandal, something to hold on to, something to use as a weapon. Giselle represents the voice of reason, not only telling her it's love, but also scolding her mother about how you can't use love as a weapon. The whole audience can see that Branca is one to stir up trouble, she uses stuff to her advantage. Her 'ways' are evil and the audience is being given a message that using this love as a weapon is evil too. it's not right. Giselle stands up for her friends, the people she cares about. She's not just standing up for Marina here, she's standing up for her new step-sister Clara, also for the woman her father has fallen in love with, Chica. She cares about them. It's a textbook example of 'the good and the bad guy'. Using Clara and Marina as a weapon, only the bad guy would do. That's the real scandal.

That's what the soap is slowly working towards. They show nothing but affection and happy faces when Clara and Marina are together. They show friendship but not passion, when Clara and Cadu are together. They want the audience to see the real relationships here and that it's ok to be divorced, as long as you can all respect each other still.

Helena represents the conservative housewife as well, don't leave your husband, how would he feel? Choose your family, forget yourself. She chose her family a long time ago, she married not for herself, but for other people. She had this idea that that was what she was supposed to do back then. She too will change her view, she will see that choosing to forget about your own happiness is silly. Choosing unhappiness, being a dutiful housewife, those ideas are in the past. She too will see, 'Clara should choose happiness.' And with her, the housewife will relate.

I realize much of what I said has been said before, this is just me agreeing with it in my own words :) No matter what spoiler they throw at us, it's all part of the wonderful buildup not only towards 'Clarina', but towards making the audience see. There is no doubt in my mind and there hasn't been in a long time that this is what they are doing. Any spoiler that seems meh for us (Cadu and Clara have sex, Marina and Vanessa maybe sex, renewing vows, ring, whatever), it all a brilliant laid out plan to change the mind of a generation that was taught to disagree with this. They are being re-educated, they are being shown that it's ok to be gay, that as long as there is true love involved, you have to follow your heart. They are taught that the scandal isn't a lesbian relationship, the scandal is choosing an unhappy life.

That takes time. I am very happy the writers and the makers of the show saw the importance of that and decided to take all the time they needed, because they saw the huge relevance in this message and to its audience. It's truly groundbreaking and they deserve all the props.

We shouldn't boycott anything, we shouldn't give them negative feedback. We should praise them for doing this exactly the way we need them to.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Clarina Recap 1, Em Família 12 &13 feb

We open in a glamorous setting. As appropriate swoon-worthy music graces our ears we see a large room and many huge photographs on display, a stairwell in the middle leading up to yet more glamour in purple. We are at an exposition. I’m already loving the purple-blue glow this whole thing is shining at me, but as people start to applaud at something yet to be revealed to us, I know it’s about to get even better.

We see a woman at the top of the stairs. Dressed in white and silver, the glitters on her gown shine bright in the spotlight, yet seem to disappear in the shadows compared to the sensual beauty that radiates from the marvelous creature they surround. She descends the stairs slowly, people applaud even louder, she smiles and takes it all in as she reaches the bottom of the stairs and allows everybody to wonder where this woman has been all their life. Or maybe it’s just me wondering if I’m not actually dreaming, since I find it impossible for anyone to look this gorgeous and wonderful and have this sensuality and grace without trying. Nobody like this exists, so I must be dreaming. But I am not dreaming, I just met Marina.

Clara/Marina/Vanessa, let's take a closer look.

So there was some talk about a possible spoiler of Vanessa and Marina waking up intimately one morning, possibly implying sex. Here's my thoughts on that:

First of all, I’d like to say that I don’t mind at all if Clara gets a little reason to be jealous. Up till now Marina has been very clear that Clara is all she thinks about. I’m here, I’m waiting, don’t forget me, etc. Everything she told Clara has been nothing but ‘You’re all I think about, there is no one else.’ I believe this to be very true, I also think Clara believes this to be very true.

Even though Clara wants to be with Marina, I think this may have given her a bit of ‘extra’ time in her head, regarding the situation at home, with Cadu. She doesn't want people to get hurt, she cares about Cadu, wants her son to not get in the middle, doesn't want to lose custody, Marina has told her nothing but ‘take your time, I’ll be waiting’, Clara at this point has no urgency to solve it, other than her own desires. However, her own desires are the reason they are in this mess, so she feels that at this moment those own desires aren’t #1 priority. Her family comes first and what she wants has to be put on the backburner. Marina will be there.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Clara & Marina, why they can make a difference. Please read this. The message matters and they deserve it. We all do.

Please reblog, retweet, repost, retumblr, anywhere you can, if this matters to you too.

The girls at Clarina Portugal have created a video for the campaign ClarinaAmorSemCensura. It tells us and everyone else why a wonderful story like this deserves to be viewed as any other romantic story ever shown on television. Not only is this a beautiful tale of love, it's the story of two women who have come a long way since they fell madly and hopelessly in love at first sight, rediscovered themselves through each other, still fight to be together and have some ways to go. But, I have absolute faith that they will get there, they will find each other. Their feelings literally scream at me from my screen and there is no denying that this is true love we're talking about.

As it happens, I think a story of true love should not be censored just because the same-sex pairing isn't right according to some. According to a whole lot of others, this pairing is fine. More than fine. Just like any other love story, this one needs to be told in all its wonderful glory. Why? Because this one is special. It's raw, it's real, I believe it, it takes me along for the ride in all the ways I want it to.

So on top of the video, I am going to explain to you why exactly this story matters so much to me and to others and I will do that in all the magnificent details I can manage to find, which believe me, is a lot. So sit back and I hope you will let me take you along and make you see it, I hope I can make you feel why these gorgeous ladies deserve to have their story shared with us, without anyone holding back for reasons most of us stopped understanding a long time ago.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Analyzing The Almost Kiss

Original Post

First of all, I would like to mention the color of Clara’s shirt, or rather, colors. They have all the colors of the rainbow, which I find a nice touch, very subtle if intended. If not intended, then I guess it’s karma or something.

That said, my take on the whole thing. I thought it was really sweet, the whole time Clara was talking to Marina when she came into the studio again, she had the cutest smile on her face, the one someone has when they are in a new relationship and totally cute about it. She didn't even care about Vanessa's comment, all she cared about was Marina and the message she needed to tell her but everything in her body language told Marina that she wanted her, she wanted her to trust her, to trust her that she was going to choose her, but she needed to take another road for now. For her son, he's so young, he needs her and it's the one thing she can't afford to screw up. She is also comfortable enough with this situation, not to mention comfortable with herself and her own feelings, to make an insinuating comment about sleeping over and how awesome that would be, yet it is unfortunately not a luxury nor a pleasure she can allow herself to enjoy for the moment.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Marina and Vanessa dynamic

After Vanessa's declaration to Marina that their love is eternal, someone said this:

sorry but I have to say this, Marina's behavior with Vanessa makes my blood boil more than ever, when she is with Clara she's pretend that there is nothing between them as only friendship but when Clara disappears for some time, Marina welcome Vanessa with open arms and that's why I can't blame Vanessa for her behavior with Clara if there's someone to blame it's only Marina, she should decisively tell Vanessa that they will never get back together and they don't have common future but what Marina doing? when Vanessa talk about them she only smiles and feeds Vanessa's hopes.

Another person replied with the following:

I don't think Marina feeds it. She doesn't need to say it every time she doesn't want Vanessa. If she wanted, she'd be with her, she's no6 feeding it. The way I see it, she doesn't want to hurt Vanessa's feelings, but they both know Marina doesn't feel that way about her. Vanessa hopes she will again though. And right now, Marina hopes that maybe she can get over Clara, because it's getting painful for her.

My reply:

I agree. If someone loves you and you don't feel the same way back (anymore), when your heart completely and totally belongs to someone else, you don't have to remind them every day that it's not going to happen. It hurts them and you don't want to hurt them all the time. Marina has made very clear to Vanessa that she is totally in love with Clara and that Clara is the one for her, that she's never been in love like this. Vanessa is understandably hurt by this but it's just the way things go sometimes. Vanessa has not made a whole lot of moves towards Marina, she's actually been a really good friend.

She's still a woman in love, this is a desperate attempt to see if there is anything left for her to cling to, if she and Marina are ever going to be lovers again. I can't really blame her for being in love and fighting for her love. She will eventually have to back off and she will. It'll hurt her, but she will. Marina's response was empty, when Vanessa caressed her chin, Marina even looked uncomfortable. She hasn't given Vanessa any indication that they are going to be back to what they were, Marina was just very hurt to not be able to see Clara for a bit, doesn't mean she's open to being with Vanessa now. Her heart still belongs to Clara and she's not even entertaining the idea at this point of anything else with Vanessa. Vanessa just had to give it one more try, something she hasn't done openly in a long time.

In my opinion, Marina's not hoping she can get over Clara. She's hoping she'll see her again soon cause waiting hurts.


Clara realizes this is what all the fuss was about

A thought or two about the scene where Helena tells Clara they are in love.

Clara is explaining to Helena about the electricity in the air, the charged atmosphere, 'if you touch any of us, you get a shock'.

Helena replies with 'the shivers down my spine' comment. Clara is all, yes, yes, that, ever had that? To her this feeling is new, different. She has no idea what it is, asks Helena about it cause it's so new to her.

Helena says she did and knows it means you're totally in love with someone. Clara explains it all as though this is the first time she's ever felt that before, which means, she never loved Cadu the way she loves Marina now, she never truly desired him when you take the word in its strongest and most powerful meaning. Just in her mind, since women weren't even a thought she ever entertained, whatever she felt for him must have been 'good enough'. She felt attraction to him, affection, he's handsome, a good father, she thought that was what it was supposed to feel like. She never had the feelings she has now.

What I mean is, she's realizing now that this is 'what all the fuss is about'. Being in love is supposed to be like this, she got it all wrong with Cadu. She thought that was as good as it gets and now she sees that it's not, it can be so much better. What she's feeling now is a new thing, she's never felt love and desire in all its glory before, she sees that she's been missing out all this time.

That's why it's all so overwhelming. She's caught so off guard by these feelings she literally doesn't know how to deal with them and what it means.


Clara admitting to love

A member posted this:
Sometimes I'm watching scenes and Marina is so desperate to know how Clara feels, a little bit. And Clara never opens up lol it's painful but good to watch. I hope it ends in a great Clara declaration scene.

Someone replied with this:
That's why the scene where Clara says that Cadu "notices" what they feel for each other is so important. It's the first time Clara has really acknowledged her feelings for Marina to Marina, and not to every single other female in her life (Helena, Juliana, Luiza)

My response:
Not truly the first time though. She's never said it so clearly, but she did say it, three times actually.

First time is right before Marina 'fires her from her heart'. In that scene she admits to feeling something, even though she doesn't know what:

Marina: Clara we are not children. Everything that we didn't speak verbally, we said all this time with gestures, with eyes, with emotion, almost telepathy. You know what I am talking about.
Clara: I do, I mean, I don't know well. Because I don't know how to deal with this, understand? To me, maybe it's doubt, I don't know, but it's very confusing, I don't know how to deal with this, Marina, do you understand?
Marina: I do, I do. It's exactly because of that that I'm talking for the both of us. Because I can't, I can't live any longer with the presence, the absence of your love.
Clara: You're talking about love?
Marina: Of course I am talking about love, what did you think I was talking about?

This here: She has already admitted to her husband there is something (after her birthday party), she has talked to her sister about it, but in her head, this is an attraction still, she calls it desire. She can't grasp the fact yet that it could be more than that. It simply hadn't crossed her mind. As far as she knew she felt this magnetic pull towards Marina, her world wasn't big enough yet to name it love. When Marina calls it that, it's the first time she thinks to herself: 'Oh my lord, is that what I am feeling? Is that what this is?' Cause she knows she's feeling it too. Now that she got this reality check, things just got more intense on a massive scale, cause she realizes she is right.

Second time: The day after. She goes to Marina and says she had time to think about it, and now Marina is going to listen. Won't quote the whole text but pieces that matter:

Clara: I thought about everything you said to me. About our situation. I can't get your words out of my mind, Marina, specifically the last ones.
Marina: Clara, I can’t remember.
Clara: You will. First you said that for our own good we need to be apart.
Marina: And you're gonna remember like this, sentence by sentence?
Clara: 'Cause I need you to see how they left a mark on me, Marina. Your words have gotten into my head, into my heart.


Clara: I won't torture myself anymore. I don't want to torture you, either. I want to forget the bad memories, get it? But I need to tell you what stuck with me the most.
Marina: Wait a minute, you're sure this is necessary? You won't hurt me or yourself by bringing back the memory of something I don't want to remember, and maybe neither do you. Are you sure?
Clara: I am. I'm not here closing a door between us, I'm just leaving it slightly open. But you said that for a matter of your survival, you were firing me from your heart, didn't you?
Marina: It’s just a sentence.
Clara: A sentence that makes a lot of sense. And it got me thinking. I don’t have the right to keep insisting with my presence here. I don't have the right to stop your survival.
Marina: No, Clara.
Clara: That's why I came here to say that, I quit.

The conversation with Marina the day before has made her realize where this is headed. This is headed towards falling in love, something she hadn't considered before. Marina's words made it clear to her that she was in the same position. She had mistaken something for an attraction, something, desire. She didn't know what it was. It's why it was so confusing as well, she couldn't pinpoint it, she didn't realize it was love, cause feeling love for a woman like that simply wasn't an option. So she hears Marina say, cause of her love, in order for her to survive, she needs to fire her from her heart. This whole 'love' thing hit her so hard, she's aware now that that is what it is, and it scared her so hard, she's very afraid what that will mean for her and her family. She simply cannot face that idea yet. This new thing has got to be pushed aside, then maybe she can still salvage the situation. She realized that what Marina said about her survival, is exactly the same for her. She's not just protecting Marina, she doesn't want to see her hurt, sure, but she's also saying it for herself. She says she leaves the door slightly open. Maybe later, in time, we can pick something up, we can forget about love, fall out of it, and be friends again. She wants her in her life, but she thinks the only way to get that accomplished at this moment, is to not see Marina, so that the radical separation will work all this out. She even tells Marina she looks at her husband differently, cause of her, basically admitting that what she feels for Marina affects what she feels for her husband.

Marina begs her no and cries in her arms that she won't survive, Clara even admits that she might not either. The realization of her feelings hit her hard, but at this point, she knows it's true. She can barely walk away from her, both cause her own heart breaks from seeing Marina crying like that, and double shatters cause she's hurting just as much. She just feels she can still save this. She still thinks there is a way back.

Later, as she has dinner with Juliana and talks about the attraction to another woman, at one point she says:
'I think I'd only start an adventure like that if I didn't love my husband like I do, or if I loved that woman more than I love my husband.'

It's still an adventure to her, something she can fix. But she also says 'or if I loved that woman more than I love my husband.'
We are at that point now, she is ready to leave him, she loves Marina more than she loves him. She also knows it's not an adventure. it's very very real.

Third time: Marina uses her one foot to hobble over to Clara's house.
She admits she didn't know what to do, she was a mess. She admits she did want to pick up her calls and felt like calling all the time. She admits time isn't passing and it's hard. She admits she is suffering. At this point, Marina basically makes her move, tells her she is in love with her. The words hit her hard, she knew already but hearing them feels so much better, Clara is so hypnotized, if they hadn't been interrupted, Marina would probably have kissed her.

At lunch the day after, she is very aware she is in falling madly in love but she's in over her head, she can't stay away and she knows it's going to happen. She even admits to Marina that Vanessa has reason to be jealous, tells Marina she is... lovely. Still careful about it, but she can't help but stare and smile and gaze and Clara is in major trouble.

So she did say, she did admit. She used different words, but in a few different ways, she has told Marina her feelings. She was just never clear about or acting on them, or how strong exactly they were, the latter also because of her simply underestimating her own feelings, not realizing how deep they went.

So although saying this to Marina now, yes, she's admitting it again, but it's not the first time exactly, in my opinion.


Why Marina and Vanessa are not end-game

A member posted the following question:

I hope this isnt the case, but what if the writers are trying to suggest that its actually Marina and Vanessa who are ENDGAME?
I hope not, as I want Vanessa to get herself a hottie too.

My reply:
Vanessa and Marina are not end-game. There is nothing in there that suggests anything like it.

From very early on it was very clear that Vanessa had feelings for Marina still. They have a history, they are no longer romantically involved, Marina loves her as a friend, Vanessa loves her as a friend and a lot more, Marina knows this.

The power of Giovanna Antonelli

A member commented on my previous post regarding their balance, she talked about how important Giovanna Antonelli was for this storyline. I will list both her post and my reply:

Of course, a role reversal was planned for the two characters since the beginning of the show. We all noticed that Clara was stronger and that Marina was not a girl "who has just fun" anymore.
But what us, international viewers, did not see coming, was GIO. What we see in the "Boobs kiss scene" (I don't know how to name it lol  :D  ), are Taina and Gio fooling around. The shooting schedule of the novelas is so insane that they improvise a lot. A lot of things belong to actors once the set is ready. We're not used to that with us or european shows.

Gio is the strongest person in Clarina. Because of her personnality in real life (She's a leader, she's very open and at the same time Taina is pretty shy), but also because of the challenge she took with this "lesbian" story. At the beginning of the show I had no idea of who she was. All the brazilians here told us she was a star, but I did not see why. Of course she was pretty, good actor etc... But now we've got a good idea of how important she is. She's a real star and with the low ratings she becomes THE STAR of the show. And we can actually see it on screen : she takes the lead on the "boobs kiss scene". She takes the lead for the entire show.

My response: 
You make excellent points as well. I'd never heard of Gio or Taina or Globo or Em Familia before this, but as I started watching, the first scene I actually stumbled upon was the one where Marina is in Clara's room and tells her she loves her. I was struck by both their beauty, but I was even more drawn to Gio, the whole glow she has about her, the way her eyes look at you. How I wished those eyes looked at me like that.

As I watched the story from the beginning, I was surprised to see Clara with the bangs, different outfit, different personality. A different person. The way she held herself, her confidence, it's a totally different person from who she is now. Look at those first scenes, then look at the scene where she talks to Helena where she says she wants to live her own life, she doesn't owe anything to others. It's such a radical shift. You hardly even notice it along the way how radical it was cause Gio portrays her so flawlessly, she eases Clara into it, she eases the audience into it. When you look at the first scenes and the scenes she has now, you can tell the difference. It's miles apart. Pure class.

She's indeed very important to the story, she improvises at the exact right moments, has the perfect responses to the littlest things. For example, right before the almost kiss, when Vanessa says she's never seen Marina so sick with love before like Marina is now. Clara's reaction is so minimal, so subtle, as she looks at Marina when Vanessa says this, her whole body posture reacts as her heart melts with love for her. The class that Gio puts into it, amazing. Whether that look was in the script or not, the way she does it, is all Gio. That look gave me the chills.

I never heard of Giovanna before this. I'm sure glad I've heard of her now.


Follow up on the dance scene regarding the balance in their relationship

Original post here.

This. I've had had that exact same thought. For me, the first moment that Clara takes control is after Marina tells her she's going to ban her from her heart. That scene starts with Clara apologizing and being sorry for being late etc etc. It ends with her walking out. She goes home to think about things, then goes back to Marina's place and the first thing she says is:

'I've been thinking about what you said, and now you're the one who's going to listen.'

The dance scene: Clara's growth

I had been away for a couple of hours and caught up on the pages. The scene with the flashback and the dance had just aired the previous night and people had been discussing it. I had seen a detail and wanted to mention it. Original post here.

My favorite scene

A member asked others what their favorite scene was, here.

My favorite scene by far, was the moment after the shoot, the dancing around the bedrooms. That scene was one of the most wonderful scenes I have witnessed ever.

They both went to their own bedroom, danced around, so incredibly happy, both even laughing out loud as they let themselves fall on their beds. So overwhelmed, so exhilarated, so incredibly happy, I'd even go as far as calling it orgasmic. They can't even deal with all the ridiculously strong emotions shooting through their bodies, both experiencing and riding it without knowing the other is doing the exact same thing.

Brazil and homosexuality on television

There was a discussion about a homosexual storyline on television still being a taboo in Brazil. Read the entire discussion here. I replied to a member who posted the following:

'Because someone in Brazil has to be the first to break the mold and write a lesbian storyline; someone has to be the one to go through all the hardship and fight to get their story shown in entirety, including a kiss. Manoel (and Giovanna and Taina) are attempting to break a Brazilian taboo, and it's something that will take time. But if they manage it, they will open with gay and lesbian main stream storylines, and make it easier for writers in the future.

I think they deserve our patience. Everyone over at Em Familia is trying to get the story on air; they're fighting for it. And we're getting to witness both history, and a wonderful, realistic storyline.'

Let's get it started!

So I like to analyze things. I've been a part of a forum for a while now where Clarina's storyline is being discussed in detail. Great girls attribute to the discussions, trying to decipher where the girls are headed and where they will go from here. I've made a bunch of contributions. I've decided to take some of the forum contributions I made there and post them in a neat little blog such as this one. Let's get started from there. Feel free to comment, reply, discuss, agree, disagree, but, please always be polite.