Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Clara realizes this is what all the fuss was about

A thought or two about the scene where Helena tells Clara they are in love.

Clara is explaining to Helena about the electricity in the air, the charged atmosphere, 'if you touch any of us, you get a shock'.

Helena replies with 'the shivers down my spine' comment. Clara is all, yes, yes, that, ever had that? To her this feeling is new, different. She has no idea what it is, asks Helena about it cause it's so new to her.

Helena says she did and knows it means you're totally in love with someone. Clara explains it all as though this is the first time she's ever felt that before, which means, she never loved Cadu the way she loves Marina now, she never truly desired him when you take the word in its strongest and most powerful meaning. Just in her mind, since women weren't even a thought she ever entertained, whatever she felt for him must have been 'good enough'. She felt attraction to him, affection, he's handsome, a good father, she thought that was what it was supposed to feel like. She never had the feelings she has now.

What I mean is, she's realizing now that this is 'what all the fuss is about'. Being in love is supposed to be like this, she got it all wrong with Cadu. She thought that was as good as it gets and now she sees that it's not, it can be so much better. What she's feeling now is a new thing, she's never felt love and desire in all its glory before, she sees that she's been missing out all this time.

That's why it's all so overwhelming. She's caught so off guard by these feelings she literally doesn't know how to deal with them and what it means.


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