Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Brazil and homosexuality on television

There was a discussion about a homosexual storyline on television still being a taboo in Brazil. Read the entire discussion here. I replied to a member who posted the following:

'Because someone in Brazil has to be the first to break the mold and write a lesbian storyline; someone has to be the one to go through all the hardship and fight to get their story shown in entirety, including a kiss. Manoel (and Giovanna and Taina) are attempting to break a Brazilian taboo, and it's something that will take time. But if they manage it, they will open with gay and lesbian main stream storylines, and make it easier for writers in the future.

I think they deserve our patience. Everyone over at Em Familia is trying to get the story on air; they're fighting for it. And we're getting to witness both history, and a wonderful, realistic storyline.'

My reply:

Response to a post a few pages back, page 229, but just had to respond cause I thought you said it wonderfully.

Well phrased, I loved it. It's history, not just a lovely fictional story but Brazilian LGBT history and LGBT history in general. It took a whole lot of countries a whole lot of time and effort to get to this point. One at a time, countries follow. Brazil is next.

I'm not Brazilian, I'm from the Netherlands. What is happening in Brazil now, happened years ago here, before I even realized really. Just the fact that developments like these happen so many years apart in different places, to me clearly demonstrates the significance. One by one countries will be ready, there comes a point where the train is in motion, you can't slow it down, all you can do is hop on. It's Brazil's turn now. Maybe not every country or culture is ready for it at the same time, but moments like this, when people unite and fight to speed it up and make it happen, that kind of makes me feel a bit fuzzy inside.

The people that used to say no, they now have to open their minds, change their way of thinking. That takes time. They are taking a big step, but they are slowly realizing they are willing to go there. That's admirable. There are people on the show fighting for this, maybe they still have some convincing to do, but they won't give up. The writers, the girls, the production, the crew, the rest of the cast, you name it. They are all fighting. Those people need to be cherished.

There hasn't been a 'no kiss-statement' yet, which means they are still open to it. They are willing to listen. To them this is huge as well, yet in a totally different kind of 'big deal'-way like we are feeling it, the acceptance, the recognition. They haven't been in our shoes, they can't relate. They have no idea what it feels like to be denied who you are. We feel that not being allowed to show a gay-kiss is against our nature, yet allowing the kiss goes against theirs. They are breaking taboo's. The simple fact they are very seriously considering doing something they've been taught is wrong..? They are considering going against their nature. For us. That's admirable to me.

They are listening and considering, that tells me enough. Brazil is ready. This is going to happen.


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