Monday, June 30, 2014

I agree with you, I disagree with me too

Hello there. This post is a little... different. It started out when an awesome someone nicknamed 'Stitch', totally disagreed with a post I made on the forum about the scene where Marina dismissed Clara from her heart. My reply to them became rather long and also turned into an analysis of a scene, so I figured I might as well make it into a post on the blog. However, after writing 6 pages or so, I reread what I wrote and realized that the first part, my reply to them, would be so terribly confusing and weird to others that I started having doubts whether I should post it or not, if that was good stuff to read or just way too damn confusing and people would bail out, so I put it on hold for a good long time (nearly two months). I did let Stitch read it, which resulted in hilarious laughter from both of us.

It kept nagging at me though, cause the part that comes after, the actual scene analyzing, I still wanna let people read it, I feel it's kind of a waste of all the time I put into it and it's a really good scene, too, so I decided to post it anyway. The ending wasn't quite done yet, so that required some writing, something I have been aching to do anyway, since I've been so busy with other stuff. Also, ever since the girls got together, it seems there's less analyzing to do. At first it was great to dig into all the details about looks, touches, ways they behave, see what they feel, but now that they got together, we know what they feel, they know how they feel, they're gloriously happy, which left me a little inspirationless and a little lost. I guess the answer from now on lies in past scenes, or trying to do some character profiling like I did with the post about Vanessa. I have more thoughts about her, by the way. Maybe my next project, who knows.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Nothing stings and reasons still matter

AN: Some more bitching than usual. We get to the scene though, last night of course, the long awaited break up. So, lots of bitching, also lots of rambling, I might have managed to sound even more chaotic in this post than I sound in my head if that's even possible. Pondering if I should read this through first or if I should just slap some labels on it, hit 'Publish' and see what happens... Anyway, here we go:


So that was heavy stuff last night. First of all, let’s all raise a glass. The actual words have been spoken. The marriage is finally over. With all the stuff happening in the past weeks, it’s been rather enervating. first hearing about the time jump, skipping the first kiss, yeah, that left me furious. Then getting the confirmation that they’d kiss in the last week left me even more furious. How they could let this story not live up to its full potential, it still baffles me. If it’s up to me, we’re not done fighting. I felt cheated, discriminated, stabbed in the heart, robbed, gutted, I felt like taking to the streets with banners and having a protest at ‘het Binnenhof’, the government building of my country, conveniently located in my very own city of birth and residence. But they wouldn’t know what the hell my banners would mean. Flying over to Brazil would be an option, but I have no money to do that, so actually, not an option at all. I chose to dive into the project I had been working on since mid-may. Get the AE article published. Get them to focus on specific things. Get it published in time, so we can still make a change.

It’s also the reason I haven’t been able to write much for this blog lately, cause I spent nights awake writing emails, talking to people, making plans, utilizing hands and feet trying to communicate with my fellow bloggers and facebookers who only spoke Portuguese. This was both difficult and hilarious at times. It’s funny how Google translate can sometimes give you a better translation than a human translator could, yet how on other occasions it just derails the conversation in ways you think you can’t ever possibly recover from. But we did it. A bit later than I had hoped, but we did it. An elephant jumped off of my shoulder when it finally went live. When I took a good look at this elephant, I think it even winked at me and then I saw it carried his whole family on his back and I had been happily carrying them around. That’s how it felt anyway. I think I slept for 23 hours straight.

Monday, June 09, 2014

Globo makes history, the taboo is broken! <--- Put your money where your mouth is, Globo! I am calling you out!

Versão Portuguesa

Well what an interesting afternoon this has been!

Suddenly the news reaches our ears that Maneco, the writer of Em Familia who has unfortunately quit the writing team recently due to health reasons, was the one responsible for not airing the kiss. Yes! Surprising to all, I couldn't believe it either! The network was never against it in the first place. Especially because the taboo was already broken!


English Translation:

Clara and Marina: Romance without a kiss is Manoel Carlos' decision

The way Clara and Marina's romance has been conducted in Em Familia, without kisses, was a decision made by the novela's author, Manoel Carlos. Sources from the production say there wasn't any opposite determination from Globo's management regarding that. Even so because the taboo has been broken.

Well this is amazing news! This is fantastic! No taboo, nothing to break, all those surveys done for nothing! But more importantly, if there is no taboo on a kiss between two women, there is certainly no reason at all not to show them like they have shown all the heterosexual couples up to this point!

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

A Paradox in a candy store

Hi guys! This is a follow up to the ‘Hidden between the lines’ post I made, in which I take a closer look at the talk that Clara had with Marina, where she said she couldn’t leave Cadu. The scene I’m going into now is the one where Clara visits Juliana and they have an interesting conversation. It’s one of the best conversations so far to this day, even as I am writing this little author’s note which is on the day I'm posting. Something completely random first, even though Marina is not even in the scene, I added a screenshot near the end of this post that she's in, just cause I simply could not leave this post Marina-less. But like I said, it has nothing to do with the recap itself, even though Marina is of course the source of Clara's issues. Let's get to what actually matters which is that this scene is a defining moment in Clara’s journey of self-acceptance. I think it’s amazing. Let’s get to it, shall we?

The conversation starts on a light note, Clara has presumably just found out about Juliana’s epic love child and this is the first time she’s had the chance to talk to her about it. She offers her a hearty hug.