Monday, June 09, 2014

Globo makes history, the taboo is broken! <--- Put your money where your mouth is, Globo! I am calling you out!

Versão Portuguesa

Well what an interesting afternoon this has been!

Suddenly the news reaches our ears that Maneco, the writer of Em Familia who has unfortunately quit the writing team recently due to health reasons, was the one responsible for not airing the kiss. Yes! Surprising to all, I couldn't believe it either! The network was never against it in the first place. Especially because the taboo was already broken!


English Translation:

Clara and Marina: Romance without a kiss is Manoel Carlos' decision

The way Clara and Marina's romance has been conducted in Em Familia, without kisses, was a decision made by the novela's author, Manoel Carlos. Sources from the production say there wasn't any opposite determination from Globo's management regarding that. Even so because the taboo has been broken.

Well this is amazing news! This is fantastic! No taboo, nothing to break, all those surveys done for nothing! But more importantly, if there is no taboo on a kiss between two women, there is certainly no reason at all not to show them like they have shown all the heterosexual couples up to this point!

According to Globo's own words, there is no reason anymore we won't get them, they were never against it in the first place! Globo, you have made many Clarina fans very happy, you have also made the creators of the show very happy because they can finally do what they wanted to do without being held back by people who just wouldn't write the scene!

Fandom Clarina, our prayers have been heard! Surely Globo had every intention of airing many kisses and lovely moments between our favourite couple, but they were held back by the writer with a dream of writing a couple that fell madly in love and got together without ever showing a kiss between them, only once at the end! It seemed like a fantastic realistic idea at the time but when they realized what his plan was and how unfair it would be since the taboo was already broken, it was too late, they were caught in his web. How lucky were they that he took ill (feel better soon, Manoel), it meant they could finally give the green light for all those kisses and public displays of affection they had in mind. No more censoring!

So, Globo, you have made this fandom very happy, we can't wait for you to film those scenes and show us that amazing realistic storyline we have all been looking forward to so very very much and that you wanted to show us all along but couldn't because the writer wouldn't write it!

Of course the very first kiss they share is the most important one, so there's absolutely no way that you won't show us that one, which is awesome! Their chemistry and tension, the build up of the story up to this point has been amazing, so fantastic, all of us were looking forward to this moment, gay and straight, Brazilian or foreign, it didn't matter, the whole world is looking forward to it, but because the taboo is gone, you can finally show us! You can finally show us that amazing first kiss you always wanted to give us, because you were never against it in the first place! It's awesome!

So I can't wait for it, personally. I am also looking forward to the rest of their journey, of course since you show every couple on your show kiss on a regular basis, show several couples have sex on a regular basis, because there is no taboo, it'll be amazing to see those with our leading ladies Clara and Marina as well! I am so excited, a lesbian romance, realistically portrayed by two amazing actresses, Globo, you guys are the best! You are making history, it's amazing, you guys will end up on the 'make history list' and not on the 'disappointment of the century' list!

I am so happy you guys at Globo don't give in to prejudice, that you don't give in to the bigotry, that you don't care about any taboo! You care about equality and by confirming there is no taboo, you have removed every reason for you to NOT air those kind of scenes, which means, you totally will show them because you were never against it in the first place. You don't have to put them back in the closet, you don't have to go back in time, but you can make progress!

I suggest you keep a good eye on the people in charge of the storyline now, Globo, because of course if they suddenly decided not to film any kisses or love scenes, that would be way too obvious that those people were indeed fans of inequality and of discrimination and I suggest you get rid of them quick. Those people will immediately tarnish Globo with a homophobic label all over the world, since the entire world has been watching this, a label you really don't want to have. It's obvious you care about this, about equality, about the image your company has, and letting those people take charge that will again forbid the kisses, forbid Clarina to be realistic, it wouldn't do your reputation internationally a lot of good.

I applaud you Globo! You are making history, by making Clarina realistic! By making them the most awesome couple with the most amazing chemistry the world has ever seen and by showing us their whole story now with all their best moments, the release of passion when they first kiss and make their way to a bedroom, their intimate moments throughout the rest of the story, their struggles and their love! No taboo! How amazing that you are making it the most realistic and genuine story ever shown on tv! It's going to be fantastic! I can't wait!

Thank you Globo! You chose to make history! Thank you!




    (And a 2nd thank you to the man who invented sarcasm.)

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    1. I am going to continue :) I'm working on something right now, but it seems time is escaping me these days :P I'll try to post soon!


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