Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The power of Giovanna Antonelli

A member commented on my previous post regarding their balance, she talked about how important Giovanna Antonelli was for this storyline. I will list both her post and my reply:

Of course, a role reversal was planned for the two characters since the beginning of the show. We all noticed that Clara was stronger and that Marina was not a girl "who has just fun" anymore.
But what us, international viewers, did not see coming, was GIO. What we see in the "Boobs kiss scene" (I don't know how to name it lol  :D  ), are Taina and Gio fooling around. The shooting schedule of the novelas is so insane that they improvise a lot. A lot of things belong to actors once the set is ready. We're not used to that with us or european shows.

Gio is the strongest person in Clarina. Because of her personnality in real life (She's a leader, she's very open and at the same time Taina is pretty shy), but also because of the challenge she took with this "lesbian" story. At the beginning of the show I had no idea of who she was. All the brazilians here told us she was a star, but I did not see why. Of course she was pretty, good actor etc... But now we've got a good idea of how important she is. She's a real star and with the low ratings she becomes THE STAR of the show. And we can actually see it on screen : she takes the lead on the "boobs kiss scene". She takes the lead for the entire show.

My response: 
You make excellent points as well. I'd never heard of Gio or Taina or Globo or Em Familia before this, but as I started watching, the first scene I actually stumbled upon was the one where Marina is in Clara's room and tells her she loves her. I was struck by both their beauty, but I was even more drawn to Gio, the whole glow she has about her, the way her eyes look at you. How I wished those eyes looked at me like that.

As I watched the story from the beginning, I was surprised to see Clara with the bangs, different outfit, different personality. A different person. The way she held herself, her confidence, it's a totally different person from who she is now. Look at those first scenes, then look at the scene where she talks to Helena where she says she wants to live her own life, she doesn't owe anything to others. It's such a radical shift. You hardly even notice it along the way how radical it was cause Gio portrays her so flawlessly, she eases Clara into it, she eases the audience into it. When you look at the first scenes and the scenes she has now, you can tell the difference. It's miles apart. Pure class.

She's indeed very important to the story, she improvises at the exact right moments, has the perfect responses to the littlest things. For example, right before the almost kiss, when Vanessa says she's never seen Marina so sick with love before like Marina is now. Clara's reaction is so minimal, so subtle, as she looks at Marina when Vanessa says this, her whole body posture reacts as her heart melts with love for her. The class that Gio puts into it, amazing. Whether that look was in the script or not, the way she does it, is all Gio. That look gave me the chills.

I never heard of Giovanna before this. I'm sure glad I've heard of her now.


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  1. thank you for dadicating this post to Giovanna! she's totally great, I knew her from other novelas, she's always being a joy to watch for delivering great performances, but as Clara is the best! and you couldnt have said it better! congratulations, you always have such keen insides and are such wonderful writer! thank you for all this posts.


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