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Why Marina and Vanessa are not end-game

A member posted the following question:

I hope this isnt the case, but what if the writers are trying to suggest that its actually Marina and Vanessa who are ENDGAME?
I hope not, as I want Vanessa to get herself a hottie too.

My reply:
Vanessa and Marina are not end-game. There is nothing in there that suggests anything like it.

From very early on it was very clear that Vanessa had feelings for Marina still. They have a history, they are no longer romantically involved, Marina loves her as a friend, Vanessa loves her as a friend and a lot more, Marina knows this.

Vanessa is dealing with two things here. Genuine concern for Marina's wellbeing, she doesn't want her friend to get hurt. Even though she can't have her as her lover anymore, she is happy she has her as a friend. When Clara came into the picture, at first Vanessa thought it would just be another conquest. Another conquest she could handle, they come and they go, Marina is still hers. She saw Marina fall deeper and deeper, she saw Clara as 'not worthy of Marina', saying she was an ordinary housewife. She didn't understand Marina's affection for her, she didn't realize how deep it was cause she simply didn't see it. She doesn't see Clara as Marina does, which is why it hurts even harder that not only is Marina falling truly in love this time, she is falling in love with someone Vanessa did not see coming. So she's dealing with the confusion of 'Why Clara, of all people?' and on top of that, she's realizing that this Clara is the one person she'll forever lose Marina to. She'll never have her again, not like that. Of course she is hurting.

When she saw Marina falling deeper in love, she got concerned, cause she didn't think Clara felt the same. She kept telling Marina Clara was married, had a son, a family, she was never going to do it. Or so she thought. So she tried to warn her to let her go, to not fall any deeper. Mostly out of concern for her friend's heart, to keep it intact. She genuinely cared. When Clara started doing things like not inviting Marina to he family's party, the opening of the Auction House, she saw the true reasons behind it, realized Clara did feel something. She displayed true friendship when she told Marina this, knowing she gave Marina hope again, and burned her own heart a bit in the process. But she did, cause she wants Marina to be happy, she couldn't not tell her, she's that loyal.

It became clear that Clara felt the same way, that things were going in a certain direction, Vanessa saw it, it hurt her, she also saw the situation they were in, Clara couldn't do anything about her husband and what they were dealing with, she didn't want to cheat, so things were put on hold. Vanessa had to watch Marina wait in agony and often in doubt, while she herself had to watch her own love slip away and there was nothing she could do about it. The whole thing is of course taking forever, Vanessa feels Marina cuts Clara way too much slack with the job thing. If it were any other person, Marina would indeed call them on it. Vanessa was absolutely right in that regard. She was taking the punches and didn't deserve them. She called first Marina out on it, Marina's face clearly showed she knew Vanessa was right. When Clara came to talk to her right after that to rebuild some bridges, she started by saying she knew how Vanessa felt. Vanessa was right on when she told Clara it didn't matter how she felt, it mattered what Clara felt and that Clara had to face her own feelings, deal with those. Clara's face also showed very clearly that she just received a reality check.

Vanessa said all those things cause she loves Marina and needs her friend to be happy. She also felt wrongly treated, and rightly so. She had every right to make those comments, Clara and Marina needed to hear them. Vanessa saw the whole thing play out, she saw Marina being hurt, she was the shoulder for Marina to cry on, yet the pain she felt herself was agonizing on its own and nowhere to take it. She's decided she needs something to happen, so she gave the girls a piece of the truth to open their eyes, which worked. She also needs her own pain to end. This game being played between Clara and Marina is torture to her. She wants it to end both to finally see Marina happy again, but also so she can move on from it herself.

That spoiler says that Vanessa tells Marina they share endless love. They do, as friends. Vanessa wants Marina and she probably always will, Marina doesn't feel the same, she has Clara, but Vanessa still has issues dealing with losing Marina and the fact that it's Clara, an ordinary housewife, someone she can't see the light in, like Marina can. She couldn't see the real Clara that was hidden under the surface, the one that was aching to get out, the one Marina immediately saw and fell for. She makes one last attempt to keep her love. Understandably. Both to stop Marina's pain and to win her own love back. She has to try one more time. She's desperate. I get it.

There is however simply no way they are going to end up together. She story, the writing, the actors, all the hype around it, it's all so Clarina centered, it's just impossible. I feel sorry for Vanessa cause she is about to lose the love of her life for good. But she is. It's sad for her and I hope she finds someone awesome for herself. She deserves it cause she's been an amazing friend so far. Put herself on the side, had to swallow her pain, was even treated poorly at times. She went through it all cause of love and friendship. One last try, she can't get herself to lose hope just yet. I'm afraid she'll have to, but she deserves awesome ladies for herself, I hope she finds them and has her own happy-ending.

Addition: Vanessa hopes that this is a thing like 'You want what you can't have, once you have it, it's no longer desirable'. She hopes that Marina is so in love only cause she hasn't had Clara yet. She hopes once she's been with her, she'll soon lose interest. She's also very worried that that's not the case, cause she does see that Marina has never been like this before. Never this far gone and in love. She's scared that it's for real.


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  1. Nice insight. I feel sorry for Vanessa. But the heart wants what the heart wants.


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