Saturday, May 03, 2014

Inner turmoil and silent apologies in a hospital.

Marina arriving at the hospital. Wonderful scene! Awesome!

Clara’s torment, so worried about Cadu, so happy Marina was there, so appreciative of her support, then looking at Cadu, ‘I want to go to her. Can I do this? I need to. Is that appropriate?’ She's really battling that and more in her head at that moment and that gives us wonderful extra dimensions that make this horrible scary situation so much more conflicting.

We all have people in our lives that we need to get through difficult situations like these. If someone you love is dying and someone you care about shows up to support you, you don’t hesitate and ponder if this is appropriate. You just go to them to receive the support they are offering. She doesn’t rush over for the support. She fights a battle in her head first and that is very telling.

Two people she loves, one of them is dying and she’s worried sick. To get through that situation, she NEEDS the other.

The double meaning here is amazing. Cadu is the one she’s worried sick about, he’s also exactly the person who wouldn’t like it if Marina was there. Even though Cadu is the reason for her worries and the reason she would need support, he’s also the reason she wouldn’t go cause she knows he'd have a problem with Marina’s presence. Her love for him is the reason she would not seek Marina’s hug and support, her love for her is the reason she would. 

When Marina shows up and she sees Clara, she knows enough to wait outside the door. She knows she should wait there. She’s not here to upset Cadu, she’s not here to make him angry and the situation worse. She’s simply here for Clara. So she waits, quietly.

First Marina looks worried. She is looking at the woman she loves and at that moment it doesn’t matter that the one keeping her from being with Clara is on that bed. It doesn’t matter that he’s her husband and that she wishes he wasn’t. She doesn’t wish him any harm, she’s worried too. He matters to Clara so he matters to her. It doesn’t matter what the reason is that Clara is upset, all that matters, is that she is. She knows Clara needs her right now. That's all that matters.

Clara is so scared and upset, Marina wants nothing more than to comfort her, to be there for her. Before Clara even sees her, there is a touch of a slight smile on her face. It only lasts a fraction of a second and it’s such a small smile, that if it were any less of a smile it wouldn’t be one. But as small as it is, it's there, and it speaks volumes.

Marina knows that Clara loves her, she knows her presence will comfort her, she knows she’s needed. She knows once Clara sees her, Clara will be so much stronger for this, knowing she's about to give Clara some strength, some relief.

‘Clara is scared, I need Clara to be less scared so I need to give her strength. When she sees me, she will be stronger. She will see me in one second, Clara needs me and I’m here. Clara will be stronger soon.‘

She’s worried about the woman she loves, it’s a smile in anticipation of knowing she’s about to make a difference, giving Clara the strength she will need to get through this.

After Clara sees her, the smile returns, more clearly this time. She can see Clara is visibly elevated by her presence. She can see the relief and the strength she’s already given in those two seconds their eyes met. It’s a reassuring smile, she’s saying ‘I’m here now. It’s ok, I’m here to help you. I’m here cause I know you need me. Whenever you need me, I‘ll be there. You need me now, I’m here now. Come take my strength.’

Clara turns to Cadu as she battles her inner turmoil and although the worry and the fear in her eyes are very much present, she also seems to apologize to him. ‘I love you Cadu, I know are afraid to lose me to her, but I need her now more than ever and I’m sorry.’

It’s symbolic.

As afraid as she is for his life, she’s silently apologizing to him. Not just cause she knows very well that she’s going to walk over to Marina in a moment because she simply has to, but also cause she knows he's afraid to lose her to Marina, but in her heart she knows he already has.


  1. Absolutely amazing analysis. I felt all of this but you put it so wonderfully to words that now I'm not just speechless but my heart is aching even more for this scene.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. Not in the habit of making your heart ache but I guess intensifying an emotion when watching a scene is a good thing to aim for. :)

  2. Adoro tus análisis de la historia!. Perfectos! Creo que esta fue una de las escenas más lindas, con un mensaje fuerte, cargada de una sensibilidad increíble. En cierta medida Clara eligió, tuvo que optar entre el marido enfermo y el apoyo y consuelo de Marina. El autor nos muestra una vez más, con delicadeza y dulzura, que Clara necesita de Marina. Por un momento duda de la decisión, pero sabe que al estar con Marina, se acerca más a ella misma.
    Creo que Maneco está llevando esta historia por un camino lento pero seguro, seguramente siente la presión del mundo CLARINA, por eso los capítulos cambian día a día, pero creo es la mejor manera de entrar en un público tan cerrado como es el televidente Brasilero. Gracias por los análisis, una maravilla.

    1. Gracias! I think it's a very important scene too, it shows so many layers to this whole situation... It's just difficult to be in, for everyone involved.

      Maneco in my opinion is doing a wonderful job. He's not only dealing with Clarina fans all over the world, he also has to keep the audience in mind, considering the homosexual aspect of it. He realized he has to go through with it, but he has the Cadu story to wrap up, they can't simply toss that aside, but they have to keep it believable. Realistic. He has to make sure Clara remains the 'good guy'. If she just left him with his heart problem, it would be giving homosexuality a bad name, which is exactly what he wants to avoid.

      We are getting there, slowly, but we're taking at a steady pace. I'm loving it. Muchas Gracias. Besos.

  3. I 'm crying .. Thanks for the wonderful analysis

    1. Aw... I'd give you a tissue, but I'm not sure how... Maybe I could write about one :P Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the comment.

  4. I discovered your blog a month ago, and I have to say congrats... I really enjoy al your analisys. It s incredible how in such small scenes, the complexity of their feelings and emotions is conveyed. Great actresses we must say and great performances.

    This hospital scene is already one of my favourites... from the moment that Marina shows up, to the their conversation and the Dr arriving... Could you also talk about a wonderful scene on this episode, the email that Clara sends to Marina. To me that was incredibly revealing of her feelings as well...

    1. Thanks for your reply, first of all. I find myself amazed every time as well. I see a scene, get the tickles about something, want to write a few lines down, start writing, but as I write, I see more and more details and I keep going and it always ends up being much longer than I thought at first, hehe. It's amazing to see the things hidden in a look, a gesture, body language, tone of voice. I love it.

      Regarding your request, I loved that scene myself as well. It was very sweet and also immensely complex, with Cadu and his heart problem involved, not to mention Ivan. I'd like to dive into it, but I got a lot of stuff still to wrap up. I'm gonna go with 'I'll try', but not make you any promises and I'll see what I can do. How's that? :)

      Thanks again!

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