Wednesday, August 13, 2014

When they finally said 'I do', a fandom whispered 'I do too' and hoped history was paying attention

So... The show is really over! No more new scenes, ever. We've got to work with what we've got, so that's exactly what we'll do, cause there is much to discuss. Also much fanfiction to fill the gaps with of course. So yeah, Em Família has broadcasted its final episode. The show is over, the ladies ended up together, it's been one hell of a ride, for sure. If not for you, well then, for me it has been anyway.

I've never really been part of a fandom before. Sure, I've followed some ships on Youtube, or watched the eps as they came out on television, but I've never been so actively involved. Part of that was of course because I fell in love with the ship of unbelievable chemistry and unworldly gorgeousness, but another huge part of that has been cause of the other girls I have come to know throughout this journey. This has been an amazing experience and you guys made that possible. Thank you my lublings, you know who you are.

Also, I am planning to continue this blog, I have much to write about still, I don't intend to stop, so I guess as long as people keep reading, I'll keep updating. Before we get all sentimental on each other though, we've had some happenings in the last weeks of the show that I just have to get into, so let's get to it, right after I apologize for taking so long with this update and for the record amount of gifs I included in it, in particular near the end. Anyway...

Sometimes stuff happens, stuff that makes you happy and sad at the same time. Or mush on the inside and at the same time you are fuming. Maybe giggling cause of the cuteness but kind of embarrassed too. I've been feeling a lot of that lately. Cause while we had amazing things happen in the last week of Em Clarina, things also happened that made me cry on the inside a little. I'll go over them with you of course, but I'm not sure yet if I want to list all the good stuff first or start with all the stupid stuff, or if maybe I should alternate a little.

Let's start with a cool amazing thing. Our girls got married! Yes they did, Clara and Marina tied the knot in a ceremony that wasn't so much 'very small and intimate friends only' but more like 'let's invite everybody we've ever met'. Regardless of how many guests you plan to invite and how many extras actually show up, let's be serious for a moment. This is an actual big thing. Two women got married, on primetime tv, in Brazil, to each other! Ivan even looks right at us to assure everyone he's perfectly happy and super proud of his two mommies.

During the most influential timeslot, on the most influential network in a very bigoted and homophobic country, a lesbian wedding was shown. Don't get me wrong here, not saying everybody in the country is homophobic, not at all, but the violence rates against LGBT, the bigotry, the fact that on popular shows travesty and transexuals are still comic relief, the fact that the Evangelical church boycotted the show for an afternoon after the wedding proposal kiss, those facts speak for themselves. So, all in all, yes, this is a good thing.

Let's list a few things that are very positive about the wedding itself. Cadu was present and he was happy and supportive, he was even the best man. Ivan was present and he acted like any other kid would, I even giggled at his joke when his father said that the bride is always late and he quipped that this time there were two, so he better stack up on rations. Ok, he said he'd get water, but that's how I chose to read it. So, an eight year old boy was shown being totally fine with his mom marrying a woman, even getting excited about it before it started, he wasn't completely ruined cause his mom and dad split up so his mom could start her new lesbian life, no, this kid is fine. That is the message that's being sent to the audience. That is a good message. Let's be happy about it.

When the two ladies shared their kiss, everybody applauded and smiled and was happy and cheered. The ex husband applauded, the parents applauded, the kid cheered and applauded, the whole room applauded and Virgílio was the cutest when he awesomely got a bit shy about watching such a private and intimate moment and he chose to be respectful and look away. I love Virgílio's voice, by the way, which is a totally irrelevant piece of information. Moving on.

So, everybody was happy, they were totally cute of course, in the centre of the room, the centre of attention, there were a bunch of homosexual couples present, Flavinha and Vanessa got their Flanessa on during Tânia Mara's song, so all in all, this was a very positive thing. Something I particularly liked was the reaction of the girls when the lady who kindly married them said 'From now on you form a legitimate family in the eyes of our society and our civil law.' plus the fact that she said it at all. Sure it's probably something they always say during a wedding, but this was also a clear message to the audience.

'This lesbian couple is legit, if you don't like it, grow up and get over yourself already.'

It was clearly stated as a message to anyone who has a problem with it one way or another, so yay, another thing to be happy about. I also couldn't help but go 'aw' at the reaction of Clara and Marina when she said the words 'legitimate family'. They were all shiny and radiating happiness already, they'd just said their 'I do's' and put rings on each other's fingers, so yeah, who wouldn't be? If this were Twilight, there would be sparkles but the moment the kind lady said this, their faces literally lit up as they broke out into huge grins and they started glowing like a christmas tree.

'A legitimate family according to society and the law.' Eat that, conservatives. You may not like it, but this is legit, they ain't reversing nothing, this is how it is, so get with the program and stop your bullshit and your propaganda already. I don't care if you don't like it, as long as you accept it and stop hating on it. Also, stop denying it's there. This in particular in response to a comment I read on this photo posted by Giovanna on her instagram page. A behind the scenes picture of Giovanna, Tainá and Reynaldo. I saw that and thought it was cute, so I left me a like and a comment on it, don't remember what I said exactly, something along the lines of cute, or thanks, or something positive anyway. Most comments were of the same sort, which made me happy. But there were some others.

One in particular got my attention. It has since been deleted so I can't quote it literally and forgive me if I get it slightly wrong, but it was something along the lines of 'When my eight year old son saw this and asked if the women were getting married, I had to quickly make up something to hide it and told him they were just the bridesmaids.'

See now that pisses me off. Thankfully, I wasn't the only one pissed off cause as I skimmed it just now to find it again, I saw at least ten people responding like I did, or in a similar manner, namely, telling that person they should have been open about it, told him the truth, followed by the statement that there's nothing wrong with that. That's how you get rid of bigotry. That's how you get rid of homophobia. Not by hiding it, being embarrassed it's even mentioned or that you have to explain it, but by saying it's normal. That 8 year old kid would grow up thinking it's no big deal. Of course, for that mother to do that, she needs to actually be ok with it herself, which clearly she wasn't.

That's why visibility is so important. the more it's on television, the more people will see it, the more kids will know of it and be taught it's no big deal. Even if their parents attempt to shield them from it, if it's talked about in school they will look it up themselves. The more it's out there, the more people will look for it. The more they look for it, the more normal it will seem and one person at a time will realize that in fact it's not such a big deal at all. No, we're not there yet. Yeah we have a long way to go. But Rome wasn't built in a day and every fight to battle any kind of discrimination is a fight that lasts a very long time. What we have here is a start. Now what we need to do is continue where we left off.

One more thing that aids in that direction was a conversation between Virgílio, Helena, Cadu and Verônica. It deserves a special mention for significance and this is why I am going to go through the whole thing.

Ivan is in a good mood and runs off somewhere to get some water. Virgílio enjoys seeing him so at ease with everything.

Virgílio (to Cadu): He's so beautiful. He's very fine with this situation of his mother's marriage. It's very beautiful to see your family united despite the divorce.
Cadu: You know, even I was surprised by him. Ivan could give a life lesson to many bigoted adults.
Verônica: And to think three years ago a homosexual wedding was forbidden.
Helena: If everyone has the same duties why not have the same rights?
Verônica: That's true.

First we have Virgílio reminding the audience that Ivan, an eight year old kid, isn't corrupted in any way cause his parents split up and his mom married a woman. If anything, what they showed was a happy kid, a kid that had a sense of humor, was enough at ease to make a joke about the situation. Right after that Cadu rubs it in some more by saying his attitude is one that many adults nowadays should be having. Brazil's heartthrob slash sweetheart slash favourite son in law is saying this. This is significant.

Verônica follows it up saying three years ago a homosexual wedding wouldn't even be possible and I love it cause she says it in the most incredulous tone possible. As in, why on earth not? Helena echoes this, by saying something extremely important, which is that if someone has the same duties as any other, that someone should receive the same rights, which Verônica answers by saying that's true. I want to repeat it a third time, just for significance alone, but I'll try to contain myself. It's so logical, it makes so much sense, but at the same time, so many people don't realize it, or they don't think that way and why? Lord knows why.

Whichever Lord you prefer, by the way. Because apparently having a problem with homosexuality is mostly fed by certain religions, like that Evangelical Church that's so eager to boycott. I'm not religious, but I respect everybody's faith. Well, people from any Church, I tell you this, you can worship your God, I am totally fine with that, but since your God created all life, you, me, your neighbours and my cats, that means I am created as planned. He created us the way we are, in my case a woman, with a taste for the ladies and none whatsoever for men, I'm gonna go with 'working as intended'. Surely your God didn't make a mistake? He loves everybody, if I remember correctly. That includes me, as I am, just the way I was created. He figured a little diversity couldn't hurt maybe. 'Let's shake things up, let's make some people gay, should make for some pretty couples.' Guess what? Your God was right, it makes for beautiful couples.

Also, if you are straight, don't try to convince me that being not straight is a bad thing. I'm not trying to convince you that being straight is a bad thing, right? Why would I? My brother is straight, both my parents are, most of my family is, but I got a 'gay like me' cousin and an uncle running around, too. You know what? Nobody in my family cares who is gay or straight. They care that their relatives are happy, that's all there is to it. So don't tell me I should not be gay just cause you are straight. It's like telling someone they can't drink milk just because you are lactose intolerant, which is just as ridiculous. Also, you didn't choose to be lactose intolerant, you simply are. Guess what, I didn't choose to be gay, I just am, so stop telling me otherwise or that I can't be. If you still think it's a choice or a decision, ask yourself when you chose or decided that you were straight.

A scene I'd like to emphasize on by the way, is from a while back already, the scene in which Clara tells Ivan she's getting married to Marina. He answers with 'Can you?' and it's her reaction that makes this so very good. She puts on the most incredulous face she can muster including dramatic motion effects and asks him, 'Why would I not?'. She's making it a very normal thing, implying to him that there is no reason not to. He quips that they're two women, but she immediately returns that in the case of marriage, all that matters is that you are two people. Two people in love, so you should be able to get married. Simple as that.

This is how you teach kids not to be homophobic, by making it the most normal thing in the world. If a kid is taught from a young age that there's no issue, he's never going to see it as one. When Ivan raises his concern that he might get laughed at at school, Clara tells him to stand his ground, to tell them it is in fact normal, and he is happy and loved. Way to go, Clara. If only more people had that attitude, then maybe it wouldn't have been necessary to make such a big deal of the first kiss between the women, considering they scheduled it about two months too late. Around the time of the first almost kiss would have been just fine. Also, skipping time just so you can avoid showing their first kiss, then wait almost three weeks to show a tiny little peck? Yes, June 12 - June 30. Novela-makers of Brazil, let's get that one right next time, cause that was just bullshit. There, I said it.

Another scene from a while ago already that I thought was a good one, is one that I think is largely being overlooked by a lot of people. I still think it's important, so I'm gonna do a little flashback to the scene where Clara and Marina were visiting Juliana and her newborn baby boy. We all melted as Marina was being the cutest thing ever while making funny noises to the baby she was cradling in her arms and I was also very delighted at how naturally Clara told Juliana that they were in fact together officially.

But the thing that I am talking about here, is Jairo. Yes, really, Jairo, who I have renamed Rageface cause basically, he's an asshole misogynist macho who can't help himself as he manhandles women. Nope, not a fan of Jairo. Also not a fan of how he suggested that Cadu probably joined in every now and then, but let's face it, his statement is exactly the kind that he would make. It's bullshit, of course, but it's one that every lesbian has heard more than once and will hear more than once more. So was there something positive in here? I can hear you think it. Yes, there is.

See, what he said was the following:

Jairo: 'I know there are women who like women, men who like men. Where I live there are lots of stupid men like that. I just think it's weird having it in my family. What's the big deal?'
Marina: 'Close or far, what's the difference, Jairo?'
Jairo: 'I don't know, but it's weird. I'm just giving my opinion. Everyone should do whatever they want with their life. I'm out.'

Now I can hear you think that you have no idea where I am going with this, since you feel like mostly, he's being a big douchebag. Yes, he is being a douchebag. He invented it, rather. But! The point is, he says first of all, that he knows they are there, in the community there's lots of gay men and women. He's not denying anything, he knows that they exist there, he's not saying they are sick in the head. He says 'stupid men' cause he's so super into women he can't possibly understand how you can not fall for women, but he's not calling them stupid just because they are gay. He's calling them stupid cause he's such a big macho and to Jairo that means you like women. In other words, he's just being Jairo with his usual blunt and tasteless ways.

But however tasteless those ways are, he doesn't need them to change, he doesn't say he's bothered by it, he is not hating on anything. All he says, is that he doesn't get how some people don't fall for women, which in a way is something I can even sympathize with, but never mind that. His view is, everyone should do whatever they like, which is exactly the view we want people to have. So between the lines and so casually you almost don't notice it, it's still mentioned and that means it's still a thing that people at home will hear.

There are more scenes that I would have liked to mention here but I fear if I describe them all in detail, this post will never be finished, so I'll just briefly name some. Of course Ivan's speech at school was a clear message to the audience about acceptance, also the talk that Clara and Cadu had with Ivan's teacher, basically a monologue speaking on behalf of LGBT. Clara's talk with her mother, how she did feel prejudice, but she'd try cause she loved her daughter, she'd try for her. Chica's growth was evident in the scene at the market, where she showed Marina Clara's favorite stall while Clara was standing behind them, smiling happily at how well and naturally they were getting along.

But there were bad apples too, double standards. Apart from the clear lack of kisses and love scenes, Cadu asking Clara to keep the affection between her and Marina out of sight from Ivan, when he didn't put that restriction on himself at all when it came to him and Verônica, more than once. That stung. In the last scene, Chica's birthday party, just about every couple was shown giving each other a kiss or a peck, while Clara and Marina were only allowed to show us a loving gaze and a stroke on the arm. Still not equal. Still stings. This is by far not all of them, but even a list like this would be near endless but I'll keep it to these for now. Right now I'd rather talk about the wedding, since that's of course the main course of this post.

So, the wedding. I liked that Marina was all nervous and teary about it. Not weird, since it's her first time getting married. Also, loved how she kept looking at Clara like she couldn't grasp the fact that it was really happening. She is walking around with her head in the clouds, could not believe that she actually had her, she was actually marrying Clara, she was going to be with her for the rest of her life. All her waiting and heartache from before had been worth it. She has her!

As they walk up to the table, they're both glowing with pride and delight. Not one single cell in their bodies is ashamed of walking down the aisle holding hands with a woman. Clara searches for her mother's eyes, blows her a kiss. Struggling with her sexuality is a thing of the past, for all of them. It's wonderful. Right before they reach the table, Clara turns to look at Marina for a moment, as if she's making sure she's not dreaming this up, silently asking Marina if she can believe that they are about to get married.

After they reach the table, they once again find each other's eyes and when Clara turns away, she does something with her mouth that I find very hard to explain, but to me it translates to something like 'The next time I am going to have awesome sex with you, you'll be my wife.' They are both totally gorgeous, no doubt Marina is thinking the same thing. The kind lady that marries them (and who I will name 'Mary' from now on cause that's way shorter than writing 'kind lady that marries them' all the time) tells them they are two people who decided in the name of love, to start a life together. Marina can't help but nod at this and a huge beaming smile appears on her face as she turns her head once more towards Clara. Clara starts smiling as well but this time it's got something shy in it. Also a touch of 'I can't believe it.' She answers Marina's gaze for a very short moment, before she awesomely looks down when she sees Marina's huge grin staring at her, like she has to hide for a tiny moment under all that admiration, but also like she just really can't believe it herself. Whenever Mary says the words 'family' or 'happiness' the two can't stop themselves from smiling huge smiles from one ear to another.

When Clara says 'I do', Marina just looks so incredibly emotional, so fantastically happy, disbelieving even, it's beautiful and then some. Clara is finally all hers after all the heartache she's been through. She never knew how much she needed Clara, but once she realized how much, she became a different woman so she could be with her. She finally is. The look she gives Clara is soaked in love, bliss and realization. Because no, this is not a dream, this is really happening. It's amazing.

No less amazing is what's next. When Marina is about to say 'I do', you can see the emotion take over in Clara's face. The way she looks at Marina is just so charged with all kinds of wonderfuls while she is waiting for Marina to say a few words. Clara can't wait, she can't believe she is this fortunate, to find this insane amount of love in the arms of someone she never imagined she'd be in. But she knows that those arms are the only ones she ever wants to be in from now on.

She is looking at Marina with nothing less than euphoric anticipation, it's like the words she's about to hear will verbally confirm to her that she has done it, she found it. She finally found her happiness and it turned out to be a woman. It's almost too much for her, she's overwhelmed, her breath is literally gone for a second and she inhales sharply, when her happiness finally says 'I do'.

Wow. A wonderful textbook example of 'take your breath away'.

When it's time for the rings, Marina first puts it on Clara's finger, she doesn't waste any time, she can't wait to be married to Clara. After she's done that, she rubs over it with her thumb, as if she wants to feel it to make sure it's really there. She plants a loving kiss on Clara's finger and the ring that now decorates it. Clara takes more time when she puts the ring on Marina's finger. She's been married once before, she knows this time is for real and she's going to take her time and enjoy it. Also, right before she does it she looks as happy as a kid in a candy store, giving Mary a look that screams 'Can I? Can I? Can I, really?' and it's totally adorable. When she's done placing the ring slowly on Marina's finger, she carefully takes Marina's fingers in her own, brings them up to her chest and with her other hand, presses both their hands tightly to her heart. It's a delicate gesture, protective, cherishing. It's also telling Marina that her heart is exactly where she belongs, that she finally feels complete.

Mary then informs them, that now, according to the law and after them saying 'yes' to each other and all that, she declares them officially married. Like I mentioned before, they are now a legitimate family according to the law and society. Not only is this a very important statement to make on television, the two once again break out in magnificent grins. It's wonderful. They both sign a paper and when that is all done, Mary is the first to congratulate them and she does this in the cutest way possible, something like 'How about that, you two? You're married now. No really, you're married, I'm not kidding'. I absolutely loved Mary's delivery.

The ladies then turn towards each other, Clara releases a huge sigh of relief, letting go of some tension and expressing her happiness. She is then the first to confirm it once more to the woman opposite her, 'Eu amo você.' Marina still looks totally emotional at this point, but has enough voice left to say the same thing in return, but when she adds 'para sempre', there's just no stopping the happy. The sun starts shining wherever you are, I don't care if there's a rainstorm going on outside your house. That smile that Marina gave Clara just broke through every cloud.

Then of course comes the moment that's been hyped up, anticipated and written about more than Obamacare, which is the kiss. Clara takes charge, they are holding hands when she steps towards Marina, brings her hands to her face and then moves Marina's hair conveniently behind her ear so we can all see it better. Thanks for that, Giovanna. I know you did that for us, so really, thanks. They stare at each other lovingly for another wonderful moment, after which Clara goes all in and plants one hell of a kiss on Marina and the whole room starts applauding. Clara's really not holding back at all and in the middle of the kiss, Marina repositions her hand on Clara's back so she can pull her body into her own. The whole thing is adorable, it's sexy, it's butterflies.

When they are done with the kissing and the applauding, it's time for the soundtrack, for real this time, cause during the ceremony there was instrumental theme song music, which was very sweet and in my opinion fit the atmosphere perfectly, but now it's time for the real thing, as Tânia Mara congratulates the couple and starts her song. The newlyweds and all the guests move towards the stage and start singing along cause everybody knows the lyrics by now cause we've heard it 73915 times.

Clara and Marina kind of blend in with the crowd, if they hadn't worn white it would be hard to spot them. We sometimes get a close up of the ladies but by far not as much as I would have liked, Marina does pull Clara towards her and the two sway along cheek to cheek for two whole seconds, hugging each other closely, as they should have been doing the entire song, to be honest. I find it hard to believe Clara and Marina, as newlywed as they are, would not spend the first ten minutes of married life cuddled up in each others arms swaying to the music, whispering sweet nothings while totally high on bliss and oblivious to the rest of the world. But no, they blend in with the crowd and are very enchanted by the singer on stage when I kind of feel like this moment should have been theirs, I would have liked some more emphasis on the girls instead of on the song right there. But apart from my tiny sidenote on this last bit, the wedding overall was sweet, I liked it.

So, next is some tossing of the flowers, Ivan's gift and of course, the wedding night. I actually planned to include the wedding night in here as well but as I was writing about that I kind of had a revelation about it and I decided it deserved its own post after all. As it happens, that has already been written and published, cause I got so into it that I finished that one first. You can find it here.

Finally, I wanted to include something that I thought was really nice, which is an instagram post by Daniela Mercury. The story was loosely based on her own life. When the wedding episode aired, she posted the following on instagram.

Lovely picture of her own wedding, combined with a fantastically similar picture of Clara and Marina. The show might have even copied it on purpose. It shows once again how important this is, when people like Daniela post these kind of pictures to bring it into the spotlight. Like I said before, Globo could have and maybe should have done a lot differently, but a lot has been done nonetheless. I haven't even come close to covering all the good, the bad and the ugly, but the bigger picture is that we had a lesbian wedding on primetime television in Brazil and Clara and Marina got their happy ending. Let's not diminish that.

With that in mind, I can see only one way to end this wedding update, apart from my usual requests to share this around on Twitter, Google Plus and the usual channels. I hope you enjoyed, I hope to see you when I post my next installment and I'll leave you with Daniela's instagram words.

'Brazil advanced 50 years in only 1 year with
this scene of Em Familia! We are grateful!'



  1. wonderfully written and you said everything. :clap:

    Two things:
    1. I didn't really pay attention to it before(as you said most didn't) but in all of Jairo's douchery it is amazing that Maneco still managed to slip in a positive message in what he was saying. People should do with their life what they want. He was even using a representative of the BF to bring positivity, even if the reasons were totally different. :bowdown:

    2. I SO agree with you about the girls getting lost in the crowd when Tania Mara started singing. They should have been in the middle of the dance floor, clasped in each other arms, enjoying each other while everyone looked on. I thought that was an unfortunate choice by direction. I figured though that in order to get Tania Mara to sing for their wedding, regardless of if she was the director's wifey, she wanted some spotlight as a singer and so that is probably why they chose to concentrate on her and had the girls in a crowd of people looking on as an audience. Still even if they were obligated to film her instead of concentrating on the girls, they could have panned more to them. :(

    P.S. yes, god bless Giovanna for moving Taina's hair out of the way for the kiss and for also going in for it.

  2. This is me! You people!! :) I had the delight to spend my coffee time reading your rambles this is priceless. Look you are like Marina once told Clara: Sometimes I think you have this special lenses in your eyes and you can see all this subtle things no one else can. I don't know how you do it but I'm really grateful you do. What would be of us pure mortals without people like you?

    Now about the post all the pros and cons I have to say they are exactly as I was thinking too, some good points that I hadn't pay attention then and you've just brought them to light like Jairo's and Virgilio looking down, and the music being the centre at their wedparty and the list goes on. I loved the comment about Ivan being a health boy and cool about his mother's happiness, also if I may say must have being in response (not in purpose) to the comment in Gio's intagram photo by this woman who lied to her son. I hope she watched the wedscene and learnt from it.

    I believe all in all it was frustating being part of this fandon, because when we've finally manage to get things moving it was over. But all the butterflies and this moviment for a ship was more than that it became a cause. I remember when facebook had support a cause thing...I'm sure if still had it nowadays Clarina would been one.

    Continue writing please I'm sure I will ended up through you finding that I have missed thousands of things even if I have watched the whole show 9984775983478346...times. :) Great post!

  3. Thank you for keeping on updating the blog.
    I was frustrated in the final episode. There was no Marina's scene in the cathedral. Marina wearing a red formal dress sat beside Clara and behind of Cadu's girlfriend. I thought it's because they are a lesbian couple, they just couldn't be seen in the cathedral.
    They couldn't be seen in the whole family scene, either. Marina was there, in the Clara's mother birthday party. We all knew that. But there's no toasting to family scene for her. I was a little sad for the character, Marina, and the actress, Taina Muller, being treated by this homophobia way. Taina went there, acting with no lines. She and her character just disappeared.
    Anyway, reading what you wrote in the blog always made me get strength and fun. Thank you again.

  4. wow! thank you! beautifuly written, this is how I imagine the script the actress/tors have to study so they can do the scene! as well as they did! keep on writing , what a wonderful gift, thanks!

  5. As always I love reading what you write.
    I think that is incredible the detail of perception that you have, to show us a scene. is like re-wacth the scene but in a better way.
    The wedding scene I thought was pretty cute, but also I believe that part
    where Tania Mara was singing must have been a little more focused in our girls, because It was their big day.

    Giovanna and Tainá always bringing the best, they're amazing actresses.
    I love the fact that Maneco has always made ​​clear the message to the audience on the acceptance of the homosexual couples in his other soaps, that everything must be deal with as naturally as possible and he did it again with Em Familia.
    Thanks for making this publication I feel that I missed certain details and I must watch the scene, again. Thanks Colette.

  6. Thanks again for the wonderful text, i couldn't agree more.
    The emotion both showned on their weeding day was unbelievable - like every weeding should be - thanks to these two wonderful actresses.

    Some people on the facebook groups critized Tainá for the kissing scene, but i actually think they were wrong. The kiss was as you said "butterflies" and it made completey sense that Clara was the one to take the initiative - it was almos a statment that she was there, as happy and willing as Marina, no shame, no doubts, just love; while Marina was completely speachless, pure emotion, not believing she was marrying the love of her life.

    As for the crowd, you're right, the director's choice screwed a bit what should have been THEIR moment - lets not forget that Tania Mara is the director's wife (!), unfortunaltely, they should have focused more on the couple - even after the cerimony and the during the party, we see very little of the two.

    There is however, during the song, as the camera lifts up, a sight of Marina either kissing Clara or whispering something on the hear.

    Ivan is the cuttest child male character ever.... i just love him!


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