This map was put together by the members of the Marina and Clara thread on the L Chat Forum. Every country represented was added, giving color to a significant percentage of the world map. The Clarina fandom is very large, spread worldwide and extremely organized and dedicated.

24-01-2011 A forbidden kiss that all Brazil is waiting to see
11-07-2011 Rio de Janeiro aims to become world capital of gay tourism
19-07-2011 Globo and SBT guide authors to "lower the ball" of gay characters
22-07-2011 A Kiss Is Just A Kiss? Not If It's A Gay Kiss (On Brazilian TV)
09-04-2012 1 Gay Person Is Killed Every 24 Hours In Brazil
04-08-2012 Brazil’s Surge in Violence Against Gays Is Just Getting Worse
14-05-2013 Brazilian panel opens door to same-sex marriage
01-08-2013 Why Brazilians Oddly Blame The Globo Media Empire For The Country's Misfortunes
10-10-2013 Marriage efforts in Latin America advance amid resistance
25-11-2013 Report documents anti-trans violence, bias in Brazil
05-06-2014 By prohibiting kiss between Clara and Marina in 'Family In', Globe provides disservice and deny the achievements of Felix
07-06-2014 Organization of American States adopts pro-LGBT resolution
09-06-2014 The campaign for a Clarina kiss
16-06-2014 Anti-homophobia campaigns arrive amid World Cup hoopla

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